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Dear friend,
The Quantum Field (aka the Zero-Point Field) underlies all of existence. This is not speculation. Quantum physics tells us it is so. 

We're also told that Tachyon Energy interacts with the material plane. Arising out of the Quantum Field, the raw, primordial, non-frequency, undifferentiated energy that is Tachyon manifests the quarks, leptons, bosons and all-other-subatomic-particles upon which atoms, molecules, cells, glands, organs, etc/etc rest its diffused, omnipresent form.  

Does this sound meaningful?

It does to me...and is what got my attention in 2001 (when this website was birthed).

Then, I actually tried these products which were claimed to emit Tachyon Energy in a concentrated, focused, therapeutic form.   Wow!  Consequently, using them has been a "choiceless choice" ever since...simply going with what works. 

As the raw/primordial energy of the Cosmos, tachyon energy has proven so exasperatingly subtle that Quantum physicists have not yet had much success in actually measuring it. "How does one concoct tools able to quantify the ultimate mystery?"

That is why we users of the Tachyon energy products are so fortunate. We are able to hold them in our hands and explore them:
  • putting them on our aching bodies
  • creating harmonious/coherent spaces to soothe any tense/jittery elements in our lives
  • enabling our muscles and nerves to actually r-e-l-a-x
  • balancing the myriad electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that permeate our lives to our great detriment
  • helping diminish our pains
  • increasing harmony, peace and wholeness...within us and around us.

We humans are the true "instrumentation" for experiencing the profound, nurturing and integrative f-l-o-w of this energy...because our body can tell.  The deep invitation of these times is to trust trust our body.

Try a product, or a few, that you resonate with. Remember...if you're not satisfied, contact me within 30-days for a refund and then ship it back. (But very few ever do.)

PPS: If you read the following section, you will see that now is an excellent time to give some of these products a 'test'. Check it out...
In Celebration of my Brand-New offering you a site-wide 11% OFF Coupon on all non-sale items:

(Just plug this into the Coupon field during Check Out. Good until Tuesday, January 18th, midnight Eastern Time.)

At this time of the Great Turning in human consciousness, am feeling so blessed to have been using (and sharing) these powerful, amazing and transformative Tachyon Energy Products for the past 14 years.

If you have not visited the site for a while, you might want to soon. There a a few surprises in store...and a slew of new products.  With more to come...

Tachyon Verticality Pendant

Since the Mini-V came out, whenever I want to give someone a profound, palpable experience of the Tachyon Energy Products…I try to have one of them handy: “Here, why don’t you put this on for a while and see what you feel?

That is fun!

How so?  Because this Vortex pendant can quite rapidly align one’s chakras, bringing you into a state of “verticality” ~ i.e., an energetic state of balance and harmony, of flow, connecting you to both the Earth and the Divine.

To see more, go here...

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