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Dear friend,

Harmony Begets Harmony
Coherence Begets Coherence

We are routinely blind to how disruptive our current period of human history actually is. Like the frog who doesn’t realize it’s being boiled because the temperature of the water in which it was placed has been raised so gradually yet steadily.

The onslaught of c-h-a-n-g-e is insidious

…particularly the past 35 years has been so relentless, even the most resilient of us often struggle to keep up, to keep our heads above water, as it were. 

For tens of thousands of generations of humans, the stressors in our lives were more basic…and often temporary: earthquakes, floods, fire, predator attack...

Others were acute yet longer lasting: warfare, injury, drought, famine...

All of these called for a direct, focused response. There was usually a rather quick resolution: either the threat would pass…or the “resolution” might be death, but chronic stress was not often a “syndrome” of humanity.

Much of the rise of our human institutions — governments, churches, etc — came with their promise of controlling or at least mitigating these stressors in our lives.

Instead, we have “evolved” into the “new normal” for many: feeling trapped in a dysfunctional relationship, operating as a slave to the clock, as well as all the obligations/situations (i.e., “stressors”) that come with the roles/identities of wife/husband, parent/child, employee/employer, etc. The challenges of illness, meeting financial needs and the dissolution of relationships can generate enormous, ongoing stress. 

Many are overwhelmed by stress, which automatically triggers the fight/flight hormones that used to be reserved for clear, explicit threats/danger.

Now, adrenaline floods our systems…and continues to do so, because the non-lethal but chronic stressors continue.

Then, we arrive at adrenal fatigue, adrenal exhaustion. No more ready, plentiful adrenaline. "What to do? How about caffein? 

"That will squeeze more magic adrenaline out of those lazy adrenal glands!"

Much as humans are perpetrating harm on the outer world through our incessant, myopic ecocide against the biosphere of our one-and-only planetary home…we are likewise doing to our own physiological/metabolic selves, our one-and-only physical "home": i.e., steadily crippling our physical/energetic selves by undercutting our abilities to self-regenerate, self-repair.

Fortunately, as the entropy of our human spheres of interrelationships, politics and sputtering economic system seems to be accelerating…there are major syntropic* forces simultaneously emerging. On a metaphysical or 'spiritual' level, a vast awakening in consciousness is now being experienced by many…with more and more of us having glimpses, peak moments, of an ineffable, indescribable LOVE…which can be a touchstone moment, never to go back in the bottle of our cultural conditioning or into the pretense of our consensus reality. 

Along with conscious, deep breathing and basic actions like walking or a physical workout...there are likewise many critical technological innovations supporting our human existence at this time. The Tachyon Energy technology is among the most beneficial for us as humanity becomes more aware of it…of the significance and magnitude of this technology offering us access to the fundamental energy of the Cosmos: ie, the emanation of the Quantum Field (aka The Zero Point Field) which underlies every particle of physical manifestation

The Essence of the non-frequency (i.e., no oscillation, no vibration) Tachyon Energy is harmony & coherence.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that: which is, pure Beingness.

This is what we can use to support ourselves…and our loved ones: we counter the entropy of these times with the syntropy of life-enhancing, vitality-promoting Tachyon Energy.

To borrow (and paraphrase) from the old Biblical terminology:

Harmony Begets Harmony
Coherence Begets Coherence

The great Visionary/Inventor Buckminster Fuller warned of not staying entangled in the past but focusing on building a new reality that is more supportive of who we are and what our needs are. 

If you share such a vision, I encourage you to consider incorporating the Tachyon Energy Products into a new personal vision for enhanced, optimal health and vitality…for personal peace.

Chronic Stress is the expression, the embodiment of the devolutionary entropy within humanity. How might we engage it at this time…so that we disentangle ourselves from its debilitating effects?

Since 2001 I have been exploring, and offering, the Tachyon Energy Products for this very purpose. There is one section in my website focused on Stress Relief specifically but virtually any product in the whole site will help relieve the chronic stress we may be dealing with. 

*[Buckminster Fuller defined 'syntropy' as "A tendency towards order and symmetrical combinations, designs of ever more advantageous and orderly patterns. Evolutionary cooperation. Anti-entropy".

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


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