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A reminder for what these holidays -- Holy Days -- are actually about: coming into Wholeness...for ourselves and with others. This is the invitation I'm registering. You have as good an idea of what the time of "2012" may "mean", but what I gather from the "now" moment is a need to shed any "clever" strategies of my mind, anything that doesn't promote this essential Wholeness...that we innately are

I feel quite motivated to step up my sharing of infomation about "Quantum Vitality": about living healthy, high-energy lives...about radical longevity. With this in mind, I invite you to share with me what your experiences with the tachyon energy products have been. When I talk to past customers, I tend to hear wonderful stories from them but I seldom get the chance to have such conversations. Therefore, would love to hear from you about what you have to report of your own expoloration of tachyon.  

Look for announcements early next year for free conference calls on these same topics where we can discuss them. (And maybe even some in-person presentations on the West Coast.) 

[APOLOGY: I know that a number of you could not read the last newsletter that was sent out. I regret that happened but it did cause me to switch from a less-than-optimal newsletter system to a much higher-quality tool. Am excited to be working with this new software, as the improvement is obvious. Do not anticipate any such glitches in the future.] 

SALE through TODAY: Monday December 19th

Last week ATTI (which manufactures virtually all of the products I sell) raised their prices across the board (7% on most items). While I would have preferred not to have to pass these along to my customers, I have to recognize that this has been the only time they have ever raised their prices in the ten years I've been a distributor, although they have lowered prices on many items over the past decade. Apparently, inflation over that time has taken its toll. 

Therefore, as a way of enabling you to still save on purchases in this year 2011, I'm giving an 11% discount on all purchases through Monday, December 19th (10:00 PM Pacific Time). Key the following into the "Coupon Code" field in the shopping cart: 11in11

...also, our most expensive and most powerful item -- Sun Spots at US$1629 -- are currently discounted US$334 (subject to change without notice) and, no, the additional 11% discount will not apply to them.

[Will do my best to make this discount work for customers outside the States but I can't guarantee it, as overseas orders can be problematic at times. Be aware that the discount for the Sun Spots is only for customers with US addresses to ship to.]

Tachyon Energy for Radical Longevity Video

If you haven't seen the two recent videos Adventures with Tachyon and The Raw Energy of the Cosmos, please take a look if that appeals to you. I'm doing my best to share my understanding of tachyon energy through these video posts. They're on the same page as my video on the striking experiment on grapes that I started back in 2002: Tachyon Energy for Radical Longevity

I do look forward to interacting with more of you in the coming year. Please connect with me on the conference calls and by email. Ask me your questions and share your experiences. 


"Tachyon: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing"

"River of Life"

This is a an energetic configuration to be used on either beds or massage and bodywork tables -- by positioning slica disks to beam tachyon energy through the human energy field. This can happen with either a single standard disk or many Ultra disks. We work with what we have. The photo is of a massage table with two Ulra disks on one end and two on the other, the beams of tachyon aimed to intersect with each other. A major support for releasing and, healing. Many people do a similar thing with their beds, placing disks under the mattress level to cultivate additional healing as we sleep. 

Ultra 35mm MicroDisk

This is one of the most valuable of all the tachyonized products. About one and a half inches, it works on all levels of existence: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and beyond. Some people tape it over their thymus gland at the first sign of a challenge to their immune function. Wonderful for all manner of aches and pains. Try one, or a 3-pack

Trainings and Conference Calls

Do let me know what you would like to be offered in terms of information on increased healing and vitality.  And, to repeat, would love to hear about your experiences with the tachyon energy products. 
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