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Quantum Vitality Newsletter -- A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

"Smart Meter" Breakthrough

Neutralizing Yet another Destructive Force in Our LIves

The wireless frequency transmissions being put out by the new Smart Meters are a big concern to many health-conscious people. Without belaboring the background on all of this, let's just summarize: many of those who've studied the issue feel this is quite treacherous energy…clearly detrimental and difficult to neutralize

Fortunately, Tachyon energy harmonizes the chaotic energy being thrown off by wireless signals, thereby neutralizing their effects on living organisms.

Previously, however, we haven't been able to reliably or fully treat the electrical source that powers Smart Meters; which send their wireless signals out in all directions. The Neo-Field created by our Tachyon Ultra Disks also goes out in all directions, which is able to balance the radiation as the two interact. Therefore, we now recommend using a Six-Inch Ultra Disk on your Smart Meter.

Just tape it securely to the front or back of your Smart Meter with good quality heavy-duty tape such as duct or electrical tape. The energy being sent out by the Ultra Disk will override and cancel out the detrimental aspects of the energy being thrown off by the Smart Meter's wireless signal, but it will not disrupt the signal itself at all.

This is an exciting development…a radical new application of the Ultra technology which will help greatly…protecting the health and vitality of all who live in your space!

[If your Smart Meter is installed against an outside wall and you have access to the other side of the wall at the point where the meter is located, you have the option of sticking the Ultra disk to the inside of the wall directly behind the meter. This will give it added protection against exposure to the elements if you live in a region that experiences harsh weather.]


be sure to read about the other applications of this remarkable product


"In 1 weeks time, my food allergies are gone since wearing my Neo-Field Tachyon Pendant! Thank you! I feel normal again." B.G. in PA
Love to get testimonials for these products!

The Wonders of the Ultra Disk NeoFields

I've had a new learning experience recently. I thought I really understood this radical technology which I've been promoting for three and a half years. But in preparing the article on the Ultra 6" Disk above, I wound up handling them more than I had in a long time…after a Summer in which I've been undergoing powerful shifts in consciousness…becoming more energetically sensitive.

WOW! Whatever I thought of them before, they're beyond that! Just a profound nurturing quality in the field as you hold one against your body. Took one with me to a Thanksgiving gathering last week and number of my friends seemed similarly impressed. 

Please check them out. They are a bargain at full retail…and even more so as a Special.

Reflecting on the New Specials

Have recently rotated three particularly useful items onto this page. I know we don't have sales often, but checking the Specials page will give you opportunities for getting a temporary discount.

Be sure to have a look! One thing that influenced my choice of what to include was a man calling from the East Coast wanting to get the super-nice Silk Meditation Wrap for his wife for Christmas. Since I don't sell many of these, it's not an item that I think of that often, even though it is truly beautiful. But it's a bit pricey. All right…what better reason do I have for offering it at a more affordable price?

Check them all out now. 


PS: If you haven't watched them, my videos are a good place to explore further. 
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