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Dear friend,

As promised in last week's Part 1 of this article, here are some new & personal aspects of truly reducing pain with the Tachyon Energy Products.

After reading the first few chapters of a book on Tachyon Energy, co-written by the well-known holistic M.D. Gabriel Cousens, I knew in my core that I had to try these apparent "wonders".

Within 5 minutes of the first package arriving, I was feeling the shifting electromagnetic field (EMF) of the event I talk about on my "Adventures with Tachyon" video. An hour or so later, I encountered my then-wife who tells me she's going to have to make a chiropractic appointment as she's sensing increasing pain in her lower back...which usually leads to semi-'crippling' her until she gets a chiropractic adjustment.

The proverbial "light bulb" goes on in my mind when she says that, so I excuse myself to go grab one of the four-inch Tachyonized Silica Disks off of the electrical breaker box to use for healing instead of fully transmuting the EMF of the house. "Here, put this up against where it's hurting," I tell her. She trusts me enough to do it without explanation but about 20-minutes later in our conversation, she blurts out in surprise: "What IS this?", as she's registering the dissolution of pain in her back.

So...there was no chiropractic appointment at that time, nor was there any of her hobbling about the house. What a gift! What a first-day confirmation that these were indeed items to pay attention to. And they have continued to serve her, me and our sons in various wonderful ways over the years.

A year or two later, after I had acquired a Tachyonized Personal Cocoon, we had a part-time marketing employee for a separate business who happen to mention she had a chiropractic appointment scheduled in two days after "throwing out" her lower back. I was concerned for her and, I admit, was also curious how she might be helped by this still-rather-new technology of Tachyon Energy. Certainly wouldn't hurt her...

After her 20-minute "Cocoon Ride", she got off the massage table and shared that near the end of the session she felt a significant shift in the alignment of her lower that it no longer hurt! (That got my attention!) And, if it held overnight, she was cancelling her appointment, which is what happened.

One final story from my friends/family: I have one friend who's a carpenter/house-remodeler by day and a singer/guitar-player by night. He's the type personality who doesn't swing his hammer half-heartedly.

Sure enough, two fingers of his "picking hand" were a tad slow and the hammer truly clobbered them, which he admitted having experienced way too often. The main problem was that he had a gig in two nights which he would have to cancel.

This was before the revelation about the Tachyon "Ultra Revolution" and the subsequent "neo-field" of two inter-penetrating beams of Tachyon energy, so I was simply following my intuition in how to accelerate the healing of his two fingertips.

Because of the small size, I taped a 15mm microdisk on either side of each fingertip and suggested he might wait another day before cancelling to give it a chance to work. Given his history, he was dubious but did so.

Sure enough, I heard later that it had been quite "miraculous"! He had experienced quite similar short-term traumas to his appendages over the years of combining nail-banging with string-strumming and he was amazed that he was able to perform as he did. He would not have been able to do that previously. Another sweet feeling for me....

If this topic interests you, you may want to explore the Natural Pain Relief page. And do be aware that pain relief doesn't just come in external forms. A customer of the Silica Gel shares this: "the best product that you can buy for pain. I have severe osteoporosis and I would not be without it." continue to gift me, in a variety of ways.

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


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