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Dear friend,
Emergence is the theme today: both the re-emergence of this newsletter after a 17-month hiatus…as well as the wide-spread emergence of new possibilities and a new reality on the planet at this time.

My apologies for the long delay but I do bring good news: the sadly antiquated website (created in 2001) has been wonderfully upgraded (and should be functional on even the newest platforms of smartphones and tablets). If you haven’t visited in the past few weeks, please check it out.
…plus, aside from the introduction of the Ultra technology in 2010, there have not been many new tachyonized products over the years…which has been fine since the existing product line does so much, so well. This has changed in recent weeks however and over the next few issues, I will be highlighting many of these new items…or you can choose to check them out now: New Tachyon Products
The best “good news”, however, is knowing (or remembering) that we have the ability to create sanctuaries of harmony and coherence for ourselves and our loved ones in these increasingly chaotic times. We can do this for our house/apartment and for ourselves as we navigate the outside world with all its radiation and other discordant energies.
The tachyon energy products website is dedicated to building and sustaining oases of peace and calm in the midst of collective turbulence and re-structuring. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities within the site. The very first "tachyonized" items are now functioning just fine at 25 years and counting...with most of these products being decades-long investments.

Five years ago, we started getting calls from people wanting to know how to protect themselves from the new Smart Meters that utility companies were installing on our houses. A great question…but not one we had an optimal solution for. We did develop the best strategy we could at the time but now two brand-new products have just been introduced…protecting you from the nearly-ubiquitous Electrical and Gas Smart Meters that have been put on our residences!
A Newsletter-Only Special: Life Capsules at 11% Off
One of the new products…to be worn on a key chain or carried in your purse or pocket…which supports your whole body & personal energy field, surrounding you in a protective energy field intercepting EMFs, etc. A remarkably handy and valuable device.
Click on this link to the Life Capsules page on the website and use this discount code when checking out: NEWSLETTER11%
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