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Quantum Vitality Newsletter -- A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

Coherence Rippling Out

Coherence begets coherence

Are you aware of changes emerging lately that are healing and life-affirming?  Increased synchronicities? That which is integrating and becoming whole in spite of the many things breaking down, collapsing, deteriorating?

This is our Both/And reality: Death/Birth happening across the planet. The former tends to get the media attention but the latter is quite palpable in my world now.

The energy field and collective consciousness we live in seems quite fluid and vital in this moment. Our feelings, thoughts, actions quite amplified as we navigate Life.

Which means that the more coherence we have in our environment, the more coherent our feelings, thoughts, actions will be. The more coherent what Life mirrors back to us.

That may sound simplistic to some but it actually isn't. Merely simple. (And one thing that has been increasingly clear to me is that Life is fundamentally simple. It's the human mind that adds layers of complications.)

I woke up this morning with the thought "Coherence begets coherence", knowing that this is what attracted me to the Tachyon products 12 years ago, what has kept me increasingly engaged with their coherence has rippled through various aspects of my life.

Tachyon Energy emanates from the Quantum Field, aka the Zero Point Field, which underlies and interpenetrates all of existence. It can also be considered "Source". Makes sense that the more we incorporate it into our lives, the more aligned with the natural order we are.

In gratitude for all they have done for me and for multitudes of others, I am pleased to continue offering them to you.

A graph of coherence

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