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Cancer in the Cell-Phone Age:

How to Help Yourself & Your Family

[Am sharing a remarkable study by the highly respected physician Gabriel Cousens MD with you. Be sure to read at least the Study Results midway through the article. The results demand attention.]

The dispute concerning the repercussions that cell phones have on human beings has prevailed since their inception. For every study that indicates a link between cell phones and cancer there seems to be a couple of highly-funded, high-profile studies that conclude there is no link between cell phones and cancer.

There may be no consensus, but one fact is for certain: cell phones are an intricate part of a growing majority of wireless communicators. A wireless world has become as natural as an mp3 or a DVD. Our technologically evolving society has quickly forgotten the days of rotary dial phones with 1/2 lb receivers, 33rpm records, 8mm home movies and 10 megabyte hard disks. Trends now indicate that it is just a question of time before the elimination of land line communication networks as wireless technology dominates the horizon. With this “evolution” comes an uncanny array of invisible electromagnetic fields (EMFs), radio frequencies (RF) emissions and microwaves (MW) saturating most metropolitan areas.

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Tip for Using Tachyon

One of the truths of these times is that we seem to have more and more electronic devices around us -- which means more and more EMFs in our personal energy field. Most of these can be easily handled with one or two micro-disks placed over the area of the device's battery. Visit this page to learn more about dealing with iPads and other digital tablets, as well as iPods and MP3 players. Your brands and models may be different but the principle is the same: point a beam of tachyon energy into the source of electricity -- ie, the battery

  The Tachyonized Deluxe Eye Mask

…is a joy to wear. Thick, padded and lined with soft flannel cotton it feels so wonderful placed over the eyes! And, yes, it is still lightweight. It’s critical for our health to sleep in complete darkness. Many physicians are now alerting us to the health hazards of interrupting our melatonin production and how that leads to various diseases. Having a good eye mask, which we will easily get used to, is a highly effective way to bring us that darkness in our hyper-wired world.

I have personally worn this particular mask while sleeping for many years. It is one of my favorite tachyon products.

For more information on this and various other sleep aids, go here.

What I Know

After using these products extensively for the past 11 years, I have no question about their gift of enhanced life force, longevity and joy in living. The tachyonized products foster a certain "Eden Consciousness", in my opinion.

On numerous occasions I've shared them with friends and family, often producing amazing results. And, no, they don't always do what I hope. But among the vast array of healing modalities, they've been the most reliable that I've found...either on their own or in conjunction with other healing approaches...blending beautifully with other practices. 

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