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Dear friend,
Our apologies if you tried to purchase the Tachyon Energy Sleep Support Kit on sale in last week's newsletter. The dreaded "human error" at work. In any case the link to said kit is now active and the sale hereby extended another week.


A Newsletter-Only Special:
The Tachyon Energy Sleep Support Kit at 11% Off

The Tachyon Energy Sleep Support Kit includes
1 - Mattress Pad
1 - Deluxe Eye Mask (with Ear Plugs)
1 - Ultra 35mm Micro-Disk

Commit to your optimal rest and relaxationbathing your entire body in tachyon energy as you lie above the Mattress Pad placed on your bed...while the Eye Mask blocks the ambient light that keeps your whole nervous system 'awake' ....and the Ultra 35mm Micro-Disk inserted into Eye Mask pocket powerfully enhances the coherence, harmony and relaxation throughout your nervous system. 

"Good sleep practices...committed sleep foundational for optimal health and well-being."

Click on this link to the Tachyon Energy Sleep Support Kit on the website and use this discount code when checking out: sleep
Good until Tuesday, August 18th (end of day, Pacific time)
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