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Dear friend,

The "Protecting Ourselves from Electromagnetic Fields & Other 'Dirty Electricity'" series concludes in this final piece. The need for truly understanding these electromagnetic facts has justified extending the series over three parts...because it is so essential for our health and well-being.

Last edition we looked at how to balance and harmonize the source electricity we have access to. (If you missed it, please check it out and learn the steps for transmuting EMFs.)

Having this information is so vital for us and our loved ones, I am repeating another "inconvenient truth" of our contemporary culture from the previous newsletter:

"After evolving over vast stretches of relatively stable time, in the past 110 years or so, we humans began living within multiplying and overlapping energy fields which each switch polarity sixty times per second...turning on/off, positive/negative...216,000 per hour...5,184,000 per day...155,520,000 per month...per year, per decade, per lifetime... All encompassing our trillions of foundational, interrelating cells which are trying their best to maintain harmony, integrity and homeostasis...amid the ongoing electromagnetic chaos." 

For those of you wondering "What about the EMF-generating electricity we do NOT have access to?", I have some answers here:

As we navigate traffic, shopping malls and perhaps even our own office "at work", we have to truly "be prepared". In a personal office or cubical in a large company, one should do what you can to protect yourself from the surrounding EMFs with Tachyon LifeGuard Cubes and large Tachyonized Silica Disks, as discussed in the previous article.

But a large environment is a morass of interpenetrating EMFs...mostly beyond the capacity of an individual to successfully manage. So therefore we need tools or devices on our person to surround us as we navigate our toxic world.

Your best tools for self-protection in such situations:
Ultra EMF Pendants
Life-Capsule Key Chain
[If you should have chronic back pain, an Ultra Liberty Belt would serve the same purpose and can be worn rather comfortably for long stretches (although most would prefer not to wear something that large).]

Wearing Tachyonized Shoe Inserts might be a much better idea than the belt for general use.
Putting a Tachyonized Life Pad in your chair or car seat provides a simple ongoing support source of Tachyon Energy.

These items protect you in two ways: they each fortify your body (cells, glands, organs, body tissue and larger systems) and personal energy field so that the physical/energetic 'YOU' will better withstand the negative energies coming your way

Likewise, they will each, to differing extents, create a Tachyon Energy bubble protecting the physical/energetic you from rampant "dirty electricity"...with the Ultra EMF Pendants and the Life-Capsule Key Chains providing the strongest protective fields.

If you should want to invest in one of the premier Tachyon Energy products, consider a Tachyon StarGate...which anchors a profoundly harmonious, integrative space benefitting any setting.

Of course, our challenges with "Dirty Electricity" extend beyond these described situations: high voltage power lines may run down our street...a cell phone tower in our general neighborhood. Smart meters reside on virtually every house and their radiation shoots out past the boundaries of that particular lot...with the aggregate blanketing large areas

In these scenarios, the earlier tools of Ultra EMF Pendants, Life-Capsules, Shoe Inserts and Life Pads are likewise important...and they would benefit with some additional support also: such as the aforementioned Tachyon StarGate as well as Sun Spots and Star Dust: the "Big 3" in terms of being the most robust at fortifying a given area for sustainable harmony and coherence [which are innate qualities of the Quantum Field (aka Zero Point Field), from which Tachyon Energy is an emanation. I experience these strongest tools as a palpable peace.]

The more of these devices you can focus on yourself and on your environments, the more protected, nurtured...and (& your cells) are likely to be. 

Next edition, I return to and earlier instructional thread with how these Tachyon Energy Products can help us with either the challenges of Stress or Sleep Deprivation.  In any case,

...Understanding the realities of electro-pollution and our life choices is essential for preserving our health in these chaotic times.  

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


PS: When you're on the website, be sure to check out the new set of On-Sale well as additions to our New Products.

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...if you would like to hear more, check out these customers' feedback:

"Impressed! I took mine to work, just for fun. Set it up so it was beaming directly at my coworkers. Within an hour, there was a noticeable shift. The only way to explain it is, it simply seems to lighten everyone up. Now I have to buy a second one so I can keep one at work and one at home." ~ Jarry J.

"Everything has arrived perfectly. We have already had a meditation with the Stargate and the experience is amazing. Thank you very much. We will be in touch as we for sure will be ordering more stuff in the future.”  ~ Philip in Europe

"Just to let you know that I LOVE the Stargate crystal. I have slept with it in the room for two nights and I sleep so well, am having lucid dreams, dreaming while knowing I am dreaming.
My body is filled with this kind of floaty fizzy energy and when I focus on the energy, I can feel what it is doing for all systems. I trusted I would like the crystal (a big $ investment) but I did not know it would be this good."   ~ Big thank you, Muriel

"Star Gate is AMAZING.  I was amazed at how this one object can change the energy in a room almost immediately. I not only use it to meditate but I put it in my bedroom every night when I go to sleep.
I also take it with me when I travel. I helps to change the energy to a more soothing, nurturing, peaceful environment where ever you place it. When I meditate or sleep, I find that I am able to settle much faster. I know it is not cheap, but it is well worth the money."  ~ Love and Gratitude, Joy

"I love my Star Gate! I have only had it a few weeks, and I'm already noticing some benefits. I feel more calm and balanced when it's in the room. I'm also sleeping more soundly and wake up feeling better. I would definitely recommend the star gate to anyone."  ~ Jon G.

If you have not visited the site for a while, you might want to soon. There a a few surprises in store...and a slew of new products.  With more to come...
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