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Quantum Vitality Newsletter -- A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

Greater Alignment and Flow with Tachyon

An immense Shift is truly unfolding. I see it all about me and, having been on a “spiritual path” for most of my adult life, the increasing simplicity gratifies both my sensibilities and my yearnings.
Many of us were dedicated seekers – working very hard to access the "gates of heaven". Doing, doing in the name of Being.
Now, all of the approaches that seem to be the most effective – that certainly I resonate with most – involve no efforting: simply making a connection, activating a simple intention and letting go…utterly trusting the Divine to do what is most needed.
In my morning meditation, I was struck at how similar this is with tachyon energy. Tachyon carries no agenda…it simply serves the highest good for each situation.
That is, it imposes no frequency. Working like an energetic stem cell, it simply provides the raw energy for our own energy fields to use for the most needed purposes.
Putting tachyonized devices in place changes the nature of the electromagnetic fields bombarding us all the time. By neutralizing the EMFs – making them bio-compatible – it allows our body and personal energy field to better align with the natural order.
Not having to constantly work to correct the imbalances created by EMFs, allows our whole being to align more fully with the Flow of Life.
Similar dynamics are at play with the other products: Mattress Pads, Cocoons, Ultra Liberty Belts, as well as Spirulina, Blue-Green Algae, Silica Gel and Herbal Tonics…etc, etc, etc.

I've found the Tachyonized products to be an essential support for navigating these turbulent times: nurturing mind/body/soul.
Maybe it’s time to let yourself be more fully supported by the blessings of these simple products…

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Tachyonized Brain & Memory Tonic



This is probably the most popular Tachyonized herbal tonic. For good reason.

Folklore suggests that the herbs in this compound directly retard aging of brain and nerve cells and have antioxidant properties that slow mental aging. Ginkgo significantly improves the overall metabolism of the brain by enhancing cerebral circulation and increasing energy production in the brain cells. Increased oxygen supply facilitates the elimination of lactic acid and other metabolic waste products. Gotu kola and calamus: this combination of herbs has been in use for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicine as a rejuvenating tonic for the brain and nervous system.

Suggested in cases of short-term memory loss, mental stress and fatigue, and lack of mental clarity. Indicated for failing memory of old age, Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementias. Also aids in recovery from strokes and enhances meditation and mental work.

[The 2nd tonic down on the page. Notice the savings for buying three bottles at a time (and also saving on subsequent shipping charges as a result). This is one tonic that virtually all of us benefit from...and taking it for three full months makes sure you get optimal results.]

Coherence Begets Coherence

After living a life of many decades, I've come to a few conclusions -- while simultaneously jettisoning most of what I was sure I "knew".

One of these: "coherence begets coherence"

Coherence: "the integration of diverse elements or relationships"
Begets: "to produce...especially as an effect"

Crealting coherent environments with these Tachyonized products will bring us steadily into greater physical, energetic, emotional & mental balance. 

Simple...and true.


PS: If you haven't watched them, my videos are a good place to explore further. 
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