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Dear friend

For a long time, some of us "spiritual" types have referenced the Caterpillar-to-Chrysalis-to-Butterfly dynamic as a metaphor of deep transformation: talking about how the old form dissolves into some formless goop within a which "imaginal cells" begin building a butterfly form...somehow. 

That's a great biological inspiring concept, and narrative. But...what would be the reality of actually, you know, living it in our day-to-day lives? have our known frames of reference deteriorate into utterly messy and rather alien contexts?

How difficult might it be in the midst of such profound change to remember that new forms -- healthier, more harmonious and functional -- are germinating within the very disarray itself?

My sense is that 2017 might well be an opportunity to find out.

Many people have sensed for a long time that human societies are destined to get worse before they can get objectively "better".

...that our economic, political and industrial systems have become so cut off from the needs of ordinary people...have become so corrupt and dysfunctional...that they must fail spectacularly before there is sufficient collective will to implement new designs. 

To move away from our biological model, readers familiar with the history of computer Operating Systems might imagine what life would be like if we were still limited to computers running MS-DOS...or even early versions of the Mac and Windows OSs.

Politically and economically, I would say, we are stuck in DOS-like OSs which may well have to have some breakdowns before we can have the breakthroughs that can then emerge.

These notions can help us wtih maintaining something of a Long View. But, here-now, how can we protect ourselves from the chaos of the breakdowns, from being submerged in the chaos and transitional "goop" and "losing our way"?

This is why I am so grateful to have been using and selling Tachyon Energy Products for 15 years: they are the perfect tools for creating "sanctuaries" of sanity and calm within overarching disharmony. As I've been "preaching" for a long time, Tachyon Energy is a carrier of harmony and coherence

It comes out of Wholeness
...and cultivates further Wholeness in this material world.

These are the qualities from which to build energetic containers...with which to elicit and support peaceful consciousness.

If I may offer my perspectives of 75 years of living**, there is much to remember and reclaim in most of our lives:

1) As a species, we humans are large mammals who desperately need to honor and feel the bond that innately connects us [see Lynn McTaggert's The Bond for more on this]. Industrialization and unfettered capitalism have eroded our sense of that other people wind up not mattering as much, becoming routinely commodified and "expendable". 

2) Quantum Physicists have begun agreeing with Hindu and Buddhist mystics over the millennia that what we identify as "REALITY" is not actually that "real". That is, it is more accurate to think of the external world more as a "dream" and it would be wise to not become that fused with it.

3) While everything in "Reality" is now going a bit crazy, each one of us individually and in small groups has the opportunity to access (& root ourselves) in that which is unchanging (and known as the "absolute" in some traditions). This has been given different names by different mystics over time, but I especially like the modern terminology of Quantum Physicists: the Quantum Field (or the 'Zero Point Field')...which underlies everything in the material plane, in that every atom of every molecule is always coming into existence from this source

Therefore, utilizing and connecting with the Tachyon Energy that emanates from the Quantum Field is innately regenerative. It provides us a portal into Stillness, a profound Quantum quality.

Yes, we must engage with the turbulent outer reality to deal with much: financial responsibilities and social logistics. But can you begin carving out oases of time throughout your day: focusing simply on your breath...on restoring inner harmony within yourself...within your own cells and organs and glands?

Letting yourself surrender, step by step, to the more universal flow of Life Itself?

You can do this without anything other than the willingness to make it so. And, if you can avail yourself of some of the immensely helpful tools of Tachyon Energy, may these provide you the support you desire.

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Rather than my pointing you to specific tools or categories, please explore the whole of my website...with all of its information and options...while holding the intention(s) for what you want support for:    Tachyon Energy Products Website

There is another section below, with tools for cultivating Stillness

Tachyon Supplies for
Meditation Practice

For You
for stepping outside the chaos and craziness
and more fully exploring the "Home" within you.

May 2017 bring you much to 
awaken you
to nurture you
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