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Dear friend

Obviously, what is playing out in our reality, in our collective consciousness, is dramatically dysfunctional...with much disharmony and polarization. These events and behaviors can easily affect our personal health and vitality...the peace within each of us, or its lack.

What to do?

Where to look?

I am a huge fan of the philosopher/visionary Charles Eisenstein. In his recent newsletter, he wrote about "how political discourse embodies the same reductionistic war thinking that our civilization applies to practically every problem:

Problem: terrorism; reason: terrorists; solution: kill them
Problem: crime; reason: criminals; solution: lock them up.
Problem: falling crop yields; reason: weeds; solution: herbicide.
" [i.e. kill them]

...and about how "the militant strategy of dehumanizing and demonizing the opponent is rife on both sides of the political system, and that it diverts attention away from the real problems, which are systemic and cannot be blamed on one or another enemy of the day."

We see this all of the time in our industrialized healthcare system. 25 years ago orthodox medicine's strictly allopathic approach was being labeled "slash & burn" because of its hyper-focus on surgery and chemotherapy as "cures". This militant approach is of course rampant in the often-excessive use of antibiotics {meaning "against life") the quest to kill off all the microbes known as "germs".

This is reductionistic war thinking playing out in other human spheres. We humans are actually quite "miraculous" organisms: to be so self-healing and self-regenerative for so many of us to live so many decades. The immune functions of our body and personal energy field can be amazing, if we are not overloading them with too many toxins or too much much disharmony.

Of course, our bodies certainly have their own varieties of lethal warrior components: macrophages, phogocytes and specifically-named "Natural Killer" cells that patrol for elements that require thorough removal but they are single parts of an organic, holistic system that is working in overall harmony with all of its parts and is always seeking balance...homeostasis. 

I owe my life to allopathic emergency I am happy to use it, when it is necessary. But how do we prevent that from becoming a necessity?

Since the human immune function can be so resilient when not being interfered with...what if we were to put the main focus on supporting our personal immune function

My primary focus for myself and my loved ones is therefore on truly supporting our innate self-healing capacities. This includes avoiding toxins like pesticides, GMOs and things like flouride. Using the Tachyon Energy products also encompasses avoiding the energetic "poisons" of EMFs, Smart Meter radiation and other forms of dirty electricity.

We do this by both 1) transmuting the sources of the radiation by treating the electricity that comes into a dwelling and the Smart Meters themselves as well as 2) fortifying our own body and energy field with a variety of items...such as pendants, shoe inserts and a choice of "wearables".

More than that, we can create healing environments to support fundamental regeneration...rejuvenation...which is our organism's ongoing necessity

Unfortunately, in our ever-turned-ON world...our necessary regeneration/rejuvenation states are too-often compromised and diluted.

This is where the value of Mattress Pads, Cocoons, Star Dust, StarGates and Sun Spots truly shine. 

All of these are support aids and are a true blessing to have access to. They will enhance your ability to stay not get sucked into polarization...into reductionist "war thinking" .

If, however, as a human we find ourselves in that very state, the simplest most reliable "solution" I have found is to breathe. To breathe naturally, without efforting or forcing anything

...surrendering to the natural rhythm of our body.

And, as our thoughts try to pull us away again, to once more let go...continuing to surrender to the breath of Life

One of the things I particularly love about Charles Eisenstein's work is the title of his most recent book -- The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible -- which is such a potent vision to plant in the collective consciousness. 

And, if "our hearts" are the movers here, then bringing this vision to fruition on our particular world is a holistic, co-creative endeavor.

May we enjoy the ride...

P.S.: Please explore the whole of my website...with all of its information and options...while holding the intention(s) for what you want support for:    Tachyon Energy Products Website

There is another section below, on Tachyonized "Wearables"
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Tachyonized "Wearables"

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