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Quantum Vitality Newsletter -- A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

If We're Mostly Water, then...?


How many of us truly appreciate the reality that we are primarily water?

We come in as babies at about 78% water.   As adults, 55-60%.
Our brain and muscle tissue: 70-75%
Our blood, so essential in the transport of fuel, oxygen and controlling body temperature: 83-92%

We can live several weeks without food; only several days without water. That's how essential it is.

This is the truth of who we are, yet how conscientious are many of us about the quality of the water we take in?

The quality of our drinking (as well as shower/bath) water plays a huge role in our health and vitality. I don't carry filtration or purification units, although that's critical as well. What I do offer are ways to dramatically enhance the vitality of your water: An interesting set of tests were done with a device that measures bio-energetic potential. That is, the test reveals how coherent, how charged with vital force, the subtle organizing energy field of something is. The results:
    •    Los Angeles tap water — 70-120 percent
    •    Brand name mineral waters — 300-400 percent
    •    Water charged by tachyonized disk — 20,000 percent
    •    Tachyonized water — 1,558,000 percent

Another compelling study by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, one of our most knowledgeable holistic MDs, demonstrates the tangible impact of Tachyonized water on our blood. Check it out.

My cardiologist has me come in once or twice a year to get lab work so she can keep tabs on how I'm doing. The last couple of times I've had blood taken, the medical tech who draws the blood has raved about how "hydrated" I am, how healthy that is. I don't mention either the tachyonized water or the tachyon-charged water I take routinely. But I know. [Follow the link to read the difference between these two beneficial types of water.]

All of this brings me back to my original question: if we're mostly do we deal with that reality?  How do we optimize the quality of the water we essentially are?


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Reflecting on the Ultra Liberty Belt

One of my favorite products is the Ultra Liberty Belt. Years ago we had a choice between a belt that was light weight but not that powerful...or one that was much stronger in its tachyon energy but also a lot heavier, which wasn't conducive for wearing as long as would be beneficial.

But those with back (lower or upper), gut, liver and other abdominal issues need both powerful tachyon for healing and comfort for long-term wearing.

I was therefore delighted when the Ultra Liberty Belt came out: the most powerful yet -- supporting healing and integrating at the emotional-mental-and-even-more-subtle levels in addition to the physical-energetic -- and quite lightweight as well.

Sure enough, it's been a big hit with people needing this type of support. When I've tweaked my lower back a couple of times, I've literally worn it for days at a time...only taking it off for showers and to change clothes. I had no question it accelerated the healing.


PS: If you haven't watched them, my videos are a good place to explore further. 
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