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Sharing Tachyon Energy...with Others

Perhaps you've tried a few of the tachyonized products, have had a tangible benefit and now want to share the oportunity to friends and family. What would be best? Depending on each person, the optimal product could be many different things.

I tend to believe that treating the electromagnetic field [EMF]of the house/apartment is a fundamental benefit.

That protects all living organisms within the space from the realities of the EMF shifting polarity 60 times a second, day after day, year after year...decade after decade

You know how a flowing river cut the Grand Canyon in the Earth? Imagine then what an incessantly shifting polarity can do. Over time, the movement of such forces can have an immense effect: in breaking down biological and energetic functionality.

Unless the electrical breaker box has a master switch requiring only a single 4-inch slica disk, however, dealing with the EMF of a dwelling might be beyond a gift budget. My two favorite items personally for friends and family are a 4-oz bottle of Tachyonized Water and a Cell Phone Disk.

The evidence about Tachyonized Water is impressive [see the Dark field Study of Blood that I put up in the Research section a few weeks ago]. Ideally, all of our friends, family and pets would be taking it regulary.

Humanity will look back at our EMF age with great regrets, in my judgment. Let's be proactive with the knowledge we have...and do what we can now. I've given away a lot of cell phone disks over the past decade...because they're so important...because they do what they're supposed to.

I cringe at the thought of people I care about sticking that relentless EMF device up to their ear/brain.

Let me know if you have specific questions.

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A new feature of the website was created a few weeks ago -- in the bottom portion of the top purple section of the left-hand menu -- called SPECIALS. Be sure to check it out for 10-18% savings currently. The three products listed currently include the wonderful Ultra Cocoon

Tachyonized Silica Gel

  A structural building block found throughout the whole body, silica is absolutely essential to health.

Silica is a necessary element for the formation of collagen for bones, connective tissue and is valuable as a nerve conductor. Tachyonized Silica Gel will help maintain healthy nails, skin, hair, tendons and ligaments. It is essential in maintaining flexible arteries, preventing cardiovascular disease, stimulating the immune system and inhibiting the aging process in tissues.
Tachyonized Silica Gel is also indicated for the prevention and reversal of osteoporosis, and the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Individuals with chronic pain have reported that after a few weeks of using Tachyonized Silica Gel they experienced a decrease of stiffness and immobility. It's also great for your pets.

Tangible Results

In the Summer of 2001 I went through an extensive self-examination. I had just moved with my family to a new state from where I'd been for 13 years. New beginnings...and what became apparent was how much time/money/energy I'd invested into health and healing modalities that I really wasn't sure what the benefits had actually been. I wasn't regretting those choices...just yearning for something more to operate on than simply faith. I wanted palpable benefits.

Within a few weeks, I came across Dr. Gabriel Cousens' involvement with tachyon energy. He had enough credibility to warrant my exploring it as well. Within five minutes of my first order arriving, I was mounting three four-inch Tachyonized silica disks on the inside of my breaker box door. Twenty seconds after that, I had my first tangible experience of the reality of tachyon energy

I am so grateful for all the time/money/energy I've invested in this technology.

If this intrigues you, my videos are a good place to explore further. 

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