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Dear friend,

Be assured that my next mailing will be back to another article about the Tachyon Energy Products...and how they relate to how Life is unfolding now. [...and if you're in the Portland OR area, be sure to see bottom of this.]

Today I want to alert (& apologize to) anyone who may have tried visiting the site yesterday that everything is again fully functional and secure

I allowed an important security certificate to expire which forced the search engines to flag it as "dodgy". Once my mistake was realized, it was taken care of and the problem is now remedied.

As an amend, however, we initiated a
new sale on the website for the next few days,
if you should want to check that out.

Even though this was intended as no more than a basic communication, I am aware that the event does offer possibly useful insights. Getting the notice that I had "damaged" my website of the past 15 years, even just temporarily, activated a lot of feelings: embarrassment at "failing" at a critical task, etc.

Because of that, it provided a rich opportunity for my ongoing "re-wiring". In my early life, I was, not fully feel the so-called negative emotions: to bypass them or manage them in some way. 

So, I simply let myself feel what was active in literally own my own feelings. And, eventually, to find a way to move water moving downstream, rather than pooling up and becoming stagnant. 

It is essential to 1) truly feel what I feel and then 2) not fuse with the feeling, to not get stuck in that state. There are various approaches for doing this...that are widely referred to as one's "practice". For me simply focusing on my breathing, being with my the pure simplicity of that, is my "go-to" practice these days.

An ultra rare opportunity for a hands-on Tachyon Energy experience in a  Show&Tell&Feel event in the N. Mississippi St area 6-8pm Saturday, Dec. 3rd


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