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Dear friend,

In writing this primary article, I have let myself go where my heart is and have not thought about the Tachyon Energy Products, for which this newsletter was originally created. Henceforth, I will continue to write similar articles and add them to the mix for cultivating “Quantum Vitality”. Yes, tachyon energy is truly important, but it will not be all that I write about.

As I’m nearing the end of my 75th year, I am struck by what strange times I’m/we’re living in. Quite unlike anything I’ve experienced. before.

I’ve been quite curious about the reality I’ve experienced over these decades…often perplexed, confused…yet now deepening into a state within myself where, perhaps, it is time to share my perspectives arising from these life experiences.

One of the many blessings of my life was coming across the notion of “bifurcation” 25 years ago when I was striving to gain a better understanding of both “chaos theory” and “whole systems”. In pursuing this, I encountered the work of Ilya Prigogine, the Russian/Belgian chemist who won the Nobel Prize for his Theory of Dissipative Structures.

Without actually grasping the underlying science or mathematics of it, I felt that I intuited* the essence of Prigoine’s meaning of bifurcation.

From what I understood, Prigogine was describing the

deeper unfolding of Life itself, of our cosmic existence:
it’s regenerative, self-healing, self-maintaining mechanisms.

One thing that has always felt true to me is that there is what might be called a “natural order” underlying the consensual reality which we in Western Civilization have forgotten and moved far astray from in our driven quest to dominate nature and “the other”.

My layman’s description of the vast Bifurcation that is unfolding all around and through us at this time goes something like this…

When a whole system, or organism, has new energy come into it…i.e., when it heats up and becomes more active…this brings the dysfunctionalities residing within the system more fully to the surface. This systemic dynamic increases the need for a reconciliation or harmonizing of the existing inequities and imbalances in order to be sustainable.

The feedback loop in the heating-up host, however, exacerbates these same inequities/imbalances within…further heating up the system…until the system reaches a Bifurcation Point. At this stage the whole system (or organism) can no longer sustain any facades of health and functionality, so it collapses upon itself (which can also be seen as a Breakdown/Breakthrough event).

In this collapsing/breakdown stage, there are two possible outcomes:

  1. Death…ie, the cessation all functions…the ultimate Entropy
  2. Reorganization at a higher level of functionality…ie, a literal re-boot into new states of harmony (or “interbeingness”, Thich Nhat Hanh’s phrase)…pure Syntropy unfolding

As someone who has literally died once**, I am frankly biased towards this latter outcome of r.e.s.u.r.r.e.c.t.i.o.n

Having been drawn by a vision over the past 45+ years of a more nurturing, functional world, I deeply desire both supporting as well as actually being this vision…in this now

Gandhi left us an immense clue for navigating this reality when he encouraged: “Be the peace you seek”. 

Charles Eisenstein’s The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible is the best descriptor I’ve yet encountered of what I perceive as a widespread, profound yearning/vision. 

Born a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor, I came into a horrific phase of human history…in the midst of a world war that would leave 50 million (ie, 50,000,000,000) people dead, huge numbers of refugees, whole cities incinerated, genocide, other vast destructions…and with many, many “unintended consequences”. 

Since then we have collectively stumbled through the threats of nuclear warfare, sectarian slaughter, apartheid regimes, climate change, embedded racism, GMOs, climate change, melting of the polar caps and glaciers, mass extinctions 

…and even in the more progressive segments of human society, we are still unraveling the deep social/cultural residues of the millennia-long Patriarchy, which are viral in their ability to bury themselves within our cellular structure and mutate as needed 

Many of us are still surviving...and many of us have not. Many of us are quite frayed by the experience of this lifetime…some severely, others more “routinely” struggling. In my view this is our Collective Bifurcation Point.

None of us know what is coming…for the world at large, or for ourself personally. None of us can. Because nothing actually exists outside this…now. 

The bifurcation model I’ve been describing can be useful because it paints some possibilities of what may well unfold…of Life Divine at work.

…which can help us each take the essential action: let go…surrender

…releasing any and all manipulation patterns, any and all pretenses of control

…and embrace the practice of being with this-now moment

of being with our breath

of being our breath

Quantum physicists tell us that the Quantum Field (aka Zero Point Field) underlies all of existence. My deepest meditative states have yielded touchstone experiences which I sense are direct connections with the Quantum Field. 

“The Womb of Creation Forever Birthing Itself” is one phrase I’ve used to describe what I have felt. An “innate, utterly universal awakenedness” would be another. “pure transcendent Love”, another. 

From these touchstones, I trust that Quantum reality is the foundation, the given. And its manifestation into form, into the material plane, with its disharmonies and shadow components is the “playground” for us to explore and play in…as we steadily re-member who we are, at the innate, foundational level. 

with much love,

*= [aka “grokked” (Robert Heinlein’s wonderful word from his seminal Stranger in a Strange Land, an extraordinarily popular novel of the 60s)]

**= December 17, 2006…a Sunday morning amid a hundred ecstatic dancers with a crazily dramatic resuscitation by paramedics in what is still referenced in Portland Oregon CPR trainings.

ADDENDUM: Tachyon energy does play a significant role in the bifurcation-model-applied-to-humanity, however. The Tachyon Energy Products are the best tools I’m aware of for supporting bifurcation's 2nd outcome: “reorganization at a higher level of functionality”. 

Tachyon energy is harmony and coherence and obviously supports syntropy in both our personal life and in the external reality. Tachyon energy actualizes oneness/isness in this reality and, as such, can be a universal balm. 

So, feel free to explore the site itself, with all of its information and options, which enables me to write such articles.

Tachyon Energy Products Website

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