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Dear friend,

"OK. 'Tachyon Energy is an emanation from the Quantum Field.' Sounds cool...but what does that mean for me?"

A great, valid question! How does "Tachyon Energy's" Quantum Field nature translate to this here-now reality?

There are a multitude of possible answers to this basic question, which seem to cluster around five primary human realities that we will be exploring in-depth over the next few months: starting with Pain, Stress & Sleep Deprivation...and proceeding to examinations of EMF Protection and Cultivation of Inner Harmony later on.

So, this issue is both an Overview of what is to come in the subsequent newsletters and an opportunity to focus on one of these 'conditions' that has a huge impact on several of the others.

...with first a brief look at a couple of our primary triad of physical/energetic challenges that will be dealt with more extensively in future newsletters...while also noting that I am indeed doing the very-human practice of making separate categories of aspects of ourselves that are not separate at all. We are whole beings who cannot be divvied up into fragments...yet doing so can be helpful in successfully providing ourself relief and healing. Therefore, onward...

PAIN is debilitating. Besides the other stress it causes, pain is an energy leak. Chronic pain can take you into a downward spiral in terms of your life force. Tachyon’s effectiveness in relieving pain was what caught the initial attention of medical professionals – what gained it a lasting foothold in alternative medicine. 

Unnecessary STRESS usurps energy. It’s debilitating, draining our ability to focus on and effectively address the elements in our life that need change, to experience the joy of living. Good natural stress relief products are a foundation for reducing many problems in your life.

A lack of restful, rejuvenating SLEEP affects everything! Disruptive sleep patterns weaken us in myriad ways; they breed stress and loss of our life force...ongoing "not-enough" sleep will strip us of the harmony and joy in living.

During our sleep cycle, the body does the essential repair and regeneration we must have. These Tachyonized natural sleep aid products are the perfect foundation for a truly regenerative sleep environment.

"Good sleep" is so important that I created a whole category for the tools that support it on the website.

Am remembering that when I first fell in love with these products, I resisted buying one of the Sleep/Mattress Pads for over two years because of the price...because I couldn't "justify" it. I slept okay, so getting it wasn't a priority. It wasn't until after I finally took the plunge that I was able to realize how much I had actually needed it...feeling so grateful at night crawling into the sanctuary of my bed...sensing the subtle, deep invitation to utterly r-e-l-a-x, to fully surrender into the dreamscape
For me, the most important of these sleep support tools are:
Tachyonized Eye Mask Deluxe ~ an old favorite...lightweight and comfortable. Hardly anything is as important as mitigating ambient light when we're asleep. Over the millennia, visible light has told our nervous system: "Time to wake up!"  In our uber-electrified world, we usually have to work diligently to protect our opportunities to fully let go. This Eye Mask makes that a lot easier!

Tachyonized Sleep/Mattress Pad ~ What a joy to have! I had been using many of these products for a couple of years when I finally decided to move past my resistance to the price (understandable) and acquired one for myself in 2003. Was so happy I did. This bathes me (and my organs, glands, cells, molecules, atoms, etc.) in a field of Tachyon Energy close to 8 hours a night...week after week...month after month...

Tachyonized DHA ~ the research on the benefits of DHA on sleep patterns is quite new. The lead researcher in a clinical trial at the University of Oxford reported this in 2014: "For example, lower ratios of DHA have been linked with lower levels of melatonin, and that would fit with our finding that sleep problems are greater in [people] with lower levels of DHA in their blood." Not only does this help regulate sleep patterns and reduce sleep all of our Tachyonized supplements, it provides our bodies the tachyon-emitting raw materials for cellular repair and maintenance, particularly in the target areas of the brain and nearby glands.

...and please remember that these conditions I've gone through are never actually separate...especially Pain, Stress & Sleep Deprivation...which are so closely woven and interacting that we must keep all in mind in acting to support or heal any of them.

As we move forward, we will see more clearly the innate connections among Sleep Problems, Stress and Pain as they compound each other's impact on our health and that you can be better equipped to support your own life and well-being.

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


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