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Dear friend,

No article today. 'Tis the season for other things. Such as what you may feel most resonant with at:
Tachyon Energy Products Website

However, I will share a few lines of appreciation for you who have helped support me and this website...whether it's been this year, or the past 15. well as gratitude for the wonderful shifts in consciousness that I've been experiencing in others. In these times, it may be difficult to know or remember that all of the arising polarization and shadow elements are a necessary stage of healing our underlying consciousness and our own energy systems...a personal/collective healing which these Tachyon Energy Products can indeed foster, and acclerate.

Like with fever in the body...there is an underlying wisdom at work that may not be readily apparent.

Within my own circles of friends, we've been saying things like "Trust the process" or "Trust the Medicine". Wishing you a most wonderful holiday weekend!


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