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Cell Phones & Wi-Fi: We Are Tragically at Risk

[This is the first newsletter in five months. What can I was a very good Summer! But now it's time to focus on how we can cultivate a more nurturing, coherent and vibrant life for ourselves...and our loved ones. Paying attention to the following topic...and taking proactive steps to neutralize the a critical invitation for us all.]

I’m a big fan of Dr. Joseph Mercola and was impressed by his recent article on the tangible dangers of EMFs to us humans. The data…the scientific evidence…is mounting of this reality but, as in many other arenas, those who benefit financially by ignoring these facts have been prevailing. 

The opening line of the article: It may take some sort of catastrophe to get people’s attention.

Sad and tragic. Fortunately we have viable, effective solutions for some of this. Let’s do the best we can while we band together to deal with the bigger challenges. The highlights of the article:

  • A panel of experts presented a wide range of scientific evidence that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other wireless technologies has indisputable biological, health and mental health effects, and are of particular concern for children.
  • Radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi has already been shown to cause diminished reaction time, decreased brain motor function, social and emotional problems, and inability to focus on complex and long-term tasks in children
  • Cell phone use has been linked to nine types of cancer and to declines in sperm count and fertility
  • The evidence clearly supports the need for Wi-Fi-free or low-Wi-Fi areas where pregnant women, children and others sensitive to EMFs can be protected, and for precautionary education for these audiences.
  • Based on the well-established DNA impacts, there is sufficient evidence now to take proactive action to protect children, and this is especially important since DNA mutations are irreversible, as well as passed down to future generations.
  • Young children should not use cell phones except in an emergency; nor play with cell phones like toys. While one can put the phone in ‘airplane mode,’ which disconnects it from Wi-Fi and the Internet, the cell phone still emits magnetic fields from the battery, shown to have equally important biologically consequences, including links to childhood asthma and obesity from fetal exposures.
  • Overuse of the internet and multitasking in children has also been linked with social, emotional and relational underdevelopment and a chronically distracted view of the world
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