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Quantum Vitality Newsletter -- A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

Tapping Tachyon Energy
for Greater Aliveness

What is each of us yearning for? That has many answers but I suspect that "greater aliveness" is fairly universal. Many of us certainly seek it. For meeting that need, I encourage you to remember the wonderful realities of tachyon -- ie, the emanation from the Quantum Field (aka the Zero Point Field) that supports all of physical reality.

Tachyon supports us in so many ways: especially our innate physiology (cellular and glandular functions, muscles and bones) as well as our energetic anatomy (meridians and chakras and also the chi running through them). It supports Life at its most fundamental level.

Regardless of your condition or what you're wanting to address in your life, the tachyon energy products help optimize your own health and well being...your own vital force. [The only things it does not benefit are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They are immensely beneficial to supporting recovery of the body and energy field after the treatment ends, however.]

Balance, harmony, integration, nurturance -- these are what tachyon cultivates --bthe truly critical elements that yield an extraordinary ROI (ie, "return on investment"). These are the essential ingredients for an alchemy of aliveness

3-Day Summer Solstice Sale

Yes, you're correct: I don't offer discounts very often. (Of course, I don't send out newsletters very often either; this is the first one since last December.) However, until Thursday evening (June 21st, midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific), you'll get 10% off the total of your order by entering June-2012 into the Coupon Code field of the shopping cart.   Simple.   So, act soon.  [Orders from outside the States will be first sent an email detaiing the exact amount including shipping before any charge is made to the card. Only after receiving an approval will overseas orders be processed.)

Visit the site to explore your options. 

Massage Therapists & Healers      Body & Energy Workers     Reiki and Other Health Practitioners

Several months ago, I started organizing the most beneficial products for professional use onto a single page. The list is fairly extensive: focusing on the healing space itself, use on the body table, on the client and, last but certainly not least, on the practitioner him/herself.

These are superbly useful healing tools, which in most cases will last you years and even decades. Check it out

Tip for Using Tachyon

In order to enhance all the nutritious and delicious food that we keep in our refrigerator, optimizing it's vitality and helping preserve it naturally -- I suggest placing an UPSIDE-DOWN 75mm Glass Cell on top of the fridge. The expanding beam of tachyon energy will blanket virtually all of the contents. [Can use similar strategies for cabinets and cupboards as well.]
 as well.]

...and Free Shipping in the States for Product Totals of US$300 or more

For those who use the Coupon Code.


Just noticed a huge omission on the Health Practitioners page that I mentioned above and am not sure how soon my traveling webmaster will be able to add what's missing: both Tachyonized Cocoons.

These are often what I use when I want to give someone a clear, tangible experience of tachyon energy. When I used to offer energy healing sessions, putting someone into the Cocoon for 15-20 minues either before or after the session really enhanced their experience: offering deep, deep relaxation and integration

See the C
 that has been nurturing bodies and human energy fields for many years now. well as the Tachyonized Ultra Cocoon which came out a couple of years ago.

My Belief (along with my experience)

After using these products extensively for the past 11 years, I have no question about their gift of enhanced life force, longevity and joy in living. The tachyonized products foster a certain "Eden Consciousness", in my opinion.

On numerous occasions I've shared them with friends and family, often producing amazing results. And, no, they don't always do what I hope. But among the vast array of healing modalities, they've been the most reliable that I've found...either on their own or in conjunction with other healing approaches...blending beautifully with other practices. 

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