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Dear friend,

Of all the dysfunctional systems and institutions in modern world, healthcare may be the most tragically flawed. (Likely even more so for those of us in the United States.) 

I never heard of a "private" hospital when I was growing up ~ only those started and operated by religious groups/denominations or city/county-run. In other words, all "non-profit".

There was no advertising of prescription-drugs in popular, mainstream media: none on television or radio, nor in magazines or newspapers. That was considered utterly common sense, similar to not advertising assault rifles: why would we the citizens of this country ever want or allow such a thing?

Of course, we all know the answer to that: $$$. Corporate interests began steadily infiltrating and thereby influencing, possibly even dominating, the FDA, the AMA, the premier medical journals and all possible entities involved in healthcare in order to steer their policies towards greater profits for Big Pharma and removing or diminishing any and all profit-inhibiting restrictions, along with the thorough and relentless "privatization" of as much of healthcare for the American populace as possible.

One of the prongs of this has been to consciously undercut and suppress all healing modalities that were not geared toward promoting the sale and distribution of allopathic drugs: i.e., naturopathy, chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage and bodywork, energy work, nutritional and herbal healing, etc, etc.

I literally owe my life to the Emergency Care segment of the American Allopathic model and will forever be grateful to have been the recipient of its skill at that time...but much of the rest of the $Three Trillion (that's a lot!) American Healthcare Industry is a bit of a mess in terms of "return on investment" (ROI). US healthcare is twice as expensive per capita as any other country on the planet; and many would contend that outside of its emergency care specialty it provides less than optimal service. It is, to use an increasingly popular phrase, something of a "rigged game"...that is, in terms of economically favoring only one side of the stakeholders at the expense of reliable, effective treatment of its end users. 

Nothing supports this overview of the allopathic hegemony quite like its reduced options for reducing particularly safe, sustainable ways.

Like virtually every other facet of this approach, it mostly comes down to two choice: drugs and/or surgery...which, in my opinion, should both be last resorts...arising only after less invasive, less harmful and less expensive choices have been eliminated.

Let's look at the two most promoted choices for the chemical approach: Acetaminophen is the most popular over-the-counter painkiller, often labeled as Tylenol...and it is responsible for about 100,000 emergency room visits a year in the US. Even mild overdosing causes liver damage after only two weeks. Acetaminophen poisoning (accelerated by combining with alcohol) accounts for nearly half of all acute liver failures in the US

At the same time a medical study from 2014 determines that "taking acetaminophen for back pain is no more effective than taking a placebo".

The truly huge problem is prescription painkillers, however, particularly the opioids (eg, Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, Zohydo ER, etc.) which have increased in use by 400 percent since 1999. Because they also lessen emotional pain as well as physical...they are hugely addictive, which is why there is now an opioid/heroin epidemic in the US. When the so-called "War on Drugs" began in the early 70s, there was a lot of talk about "gateway" drugs. The irony here is that there has never been a bigger gateway drug than prescription opioids for eventual heroin use.

Obviously, there are cases where opioid painkillers are absolutely necessary and should be used as needed, guilt-free...but what is important to be aware of is that they are currently widely, loosely prescribed* and can have extremely negative consequences. In the social/cultural context, the dynamic of these opioids would seem to be a vast downward spiral. [*"With that increased use have come increased deaths: 46 people per day, or almost 17,000 people per year, die from overdoses of the drugs." ~ Consumer Reports, September 2014]

I am therefore encouraging my newsletter readers to explore the safer alternatives, if possible, first...while acknowledging that there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful, dedicated people working within the Healthcare Industry/System who are doing their best to expand the efficiency/effectiveness, the enhanced caring, of their occupations. So, look for the best practitioners you can find...while also envisioning a better future for us all. 

Pain management was the very first "target" market for the Tachyon Energy Products when they were introduced in the early 1990s...both because of the widespread need as well as the opportunity to clearly demonstrate their effectiveness.

A couple of pain-specialist MDs in California heard about the early Tachyon Energy Products from one of their patients and sought the inventor out to see if his inventions could help with their most challenging, most frustrating cases. A wife of one of the doctors fit that bill: severe chronic pain that they had not been able to touch. When the Tachyon Energy Products were able to provide her meaningful relief, that was a huge boost in the word-of-mouth "good news" that quickly spread around the globe. 

The current good news is that over the decades, a host of specialized items for specific uses have emerged, particularly for: 
Back Support
Joint Support
Topical Pain Reduction
Feet Support

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Products for overall support of the body have come forth as well. For example:
The Sleep/Mattress Pad, which bathes a user's body for hours at a time. However, to save time and space, I've put the information you need here in the other section of the newsletter: the newsletter-only, 11% OFF a Sleep/Mattress Pad part. Just keep scrolling down.  

If you recall the last Quantum Vitality Newsletter, this one is a further look at the interrelationship of the Stress/Sleep-Deprivation/Pain triangle. Because it has involved a rather bleak look at our history with these life least at the "orthodox", societal level...I am going be sharing a lot more hopeful perspectives in a new newsletter edition next week: providing my own experiences and that of customers in navigating their pain journeys. Watch for the the bigger payoff of "Reliably Reducing PAIN in Natural, Non-Toxic Ways" (Part 2) then.

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


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Products for overall support of the body, and reducing its pains, have come forth as well. For example:
The Sleep/Mattress Pad, which bathes a user's body for hours at a time...enabling the muscles, the tendons/ligaments, the facia, all of the body let go and relax significantly more than it can without such a source of Tachyon Energy. The nurturing, encompassing field of the no-remembering, no-effort Sleep/Mattress Pad can be quite invaluable.

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