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The mass media which most of us see tend to ignore or minimize the realities...and dangers...of cell phone usage. So, as with many spheres of life, it pays to be rather self-directed in terms of protecting our health and well-being. 

Industry-funded studies typically say there is "nothing to worry about". In spite of the opposition of this multi-billion dollar industry, however, more alarming data continues to come out. 

Research by Martin Blank, Ph.D., a retired Associate Professor at Columbia University in the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics and former president of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, shows that electromagnetic fields (EMF) damage our cells and DNA by inducing a cellular stress response.

Dr. Blank reports that the coiled structure of DNA is very vulnerable to electromagnetic fields, which allows for greater reactivity of DNA to EMF than other tissues. From what I understand, science is still only beginning to scratch the surface in terms of truly understanding the depth of importance of our DNA. Therefore, we do not want to be messing with it.

The well-known holistic-health doctor Joseph Mercola reports on the research of Dr. Martin Pall, professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University, which shows that the low-intensity EMFs of cell phones, etc., is a "primary mechanism of biological dysfunction".

Dr. Pall believes his studies "explain long-reported association between electromagnetic fields and a wide range of biological changes and health effects, including neuropsychiatric, hormonal, and cardiac effect, chromosomal breaks, lowered fertility, oxidative stress, changes in calcium signaling, cellular DNA damage, breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, melatonin depletion and sleep disruption, and cancer."

Benefits of the Tachyon Energy Products for Cell Phone Use

As humans usually do, creative people have come up with a variety of ways to minimize the impact of this otherwise toxic technology: such as using the speaker phone function to hold the cell phone at a distance, texting more than talking, using a shielded, wired headset as well as minimizing the use of all such Radio Frequency devices.

I support all these steps...and...with the availability of the Tachyonized Cell Phone Microdisks, I no longer personally feel a need to do anything like this. The transformation of the EMF of a Tachyon-treated cell phone is so profound that its radiation become bio-compatible...i.e., harmonious and non-harmful to the human body/energy-field.

All of these warnings are quadruply true for children, who are "far more vulnerable to cell phone radiation than adults due to having thinner skull bones, and their developing immune systems and brains." Therefore, I would strongly encourage both limiting usage and also making absolutely sure that any phone a child must use has one or two Tachyonized Cell Phone Disks attached over the battery.

I say that...because this technology does work. One of my favorite memories of offering these products for sale was about 12 years ago when working a booth at a Wholistic Health EXPO. When visitors would come up to peruse the merchandise, I started asking them to hold one of the unwrapped Tachyon disks over their phone battery and then placing the whole phone up to their ear. Then, to take the disk away and be aware of the difference they felt

Some people obviously said they didn't feel anything and walked away. At least half, however, got a surprised look on their face and said something along the line of "Wow...that's amazing. I'll take one!"  Because...

Sensing is believing.

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


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