Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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The easiest way to health is getting enough sleep.

Alternately, the easiest way to become unhealthy is to deprive yourself of restful sleep.

The body employs its innate ability to restore balance and rejuvenate when given the opportunity.

Sleep researchers divide sleep into four distinctive stages, from the most lucid state to the deepest one. Stage 4 is the deepest sleep.

Normally, people enter the Stage 4 after one or two hours of falling asleep. Stage 4 sleep occurs early in the course of the night.

Stage 4 sleep is very special because it's the only time our bodies produce the growth hormone, and a few other anti-aging, cell-regenerating natural chemicals.

It happens only with the right conditions in place:
- fall asleep early enough (usually by midnight),
- all-around atmosphere is conducive for quiet and restful sleep,
- the mind has a low level of stress.

Take a look at other helpful hints for restful sleep.

~ Yogi Mir

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Restful Sleep
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