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Dear Runners and Yogis,

As we prepare for our upcoming Puerto Rico retreat, I have come across some interesting facts, places to visit, and things to do in Puerto Rico. 

I'd like to share a couple of them with you. 

First is an island Isla Mona, 50 miles west of the main island. Isla Mona a modern-day "Jurassic Park". There is no rarer wilderness adventure in the whole Caribbean than a visit to Isla Mona. 

A nature reserve since 1919 and uninhabited, Mona is so full of history, dramatic geological formations, and wildlife that it can overwhelm your senses. 

You can witness our planet's history looking at the violet cliffs of the tabletop island rising like a mirage above the deep blue waves. You can observe giant iguanas scrambling onto a trail to sniff your scent. Puerto Rican traffic jams seem like a tiny wrinkle in time when a pod of humpback whales breaches in front of you.  There are fish-eating bats, wild goats and pigs, Taino petroglyphs on cave walls, and sunken galleons with possible treasures still on board. 

Here's the tough part, Mona is a rough backcountry camping experience only. Boat trips can take over five hours in rough seas. Campers must bring everything, including their own water. It's a beautiful yet hostile environment. 

Needless to say, we will not be visiting Isla Mona on our 4-day trip this time. 

Second amazing place is the Guanica Biosphere Reserve, or Bosque Estatal de Guanica. On the southern coast of Puerto Rico, facing the Caribbean, this remote 10,000-acre expanse is among the best examples of subtropical dry forest vegetation in the world. 

Scientists estimate that only 1% of the earth's dry forests of this kind remains. The vast acreage makes this place a rare sanctuary, crossed by 30-odd miles of trails that lead from the arid, rocky highlands to over 10 miles of remote, completely untouched coastal beaches. 

Only an hour drive from the humid central mountain rainforests of Jayuya and Utuado, this crumbling landscape and parched vegetation make an unexpected thrilling contrast. 

And last, but not least, I thought it would be interesting and educational to visit the Ann Wigmore Institute. Ann Wigmore was an American pioneer in raw food healing. She founded multiple schools, retreats, and clinics to heal naturally from chronic illnesses through a natural way of life. 

The main institute is located near Rincon, on the west coast, not too far from Anasco, where we are planning to run the 10K on Sunday, January 19th. Perhaps, we can stop in for a green smoothie, or a shot of wheatgrass juice, as well as cool off in the sea after the race. 

There are so many more amazing places to explore. Whatever we decide to do, I am sure, we will have some memorable adventures. 

I will be in touch with a fun report and photos from the trip. 

Stay tuned, healthy, and warm, 

ps. Come and join us now, or at a later retreat to Spain in May, Portugal in June, and Tuscany in September. 

Isla Mona, Puerto Rico
Guanica Dry Forest
Healing foods at Ann Wigmore Institute
Spain Retreat
Hiking/Running & Yoga
May 8-15, 2014
$1,850 pp - 7 nights
Portugal Retreat
June 18-26, 2014
$1,975 pp - 8 nights
Tuscany Retreat
September, 2014 (exact dates TBA soon)

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