Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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"Mind the Gap that exists after exhale ends and before inhale begins.

Mind the fleeting thoughts.

Mind the Gap that exists when one thought fades into the Subconscious and before another enters and attaches its sticky uniqueness to the mental screen.

This in-between Gap is Infinity;
This present moment exists forever. 

On and on ... and on. 
There is only this present moment. 

This Gap is a pause in your physical reality; 
it is the entry point to Nirvana.  

Nirvana is the Superconscious state, 
Where past and future are mental illusions. 

When your mind gains clarity, it becomes a clean slate
Without worry, sadness, fear, or confusion. 

But in fact, that Gap is the only thing that exists. 
That pause is the only thing that is real. 

And even though our precious ego resists
To give up its reign, you still feel

Deep down, in your core, in your heart,
that this pause is what's real.

When the mind pauses,
you experience who YOU REALLY ARE." 

~ Yogi Mir

Mountaintop View
Yoga and Running Retreat 
Oaxaca, Mexico
November 3-11, 2013
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