Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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Do Mess with Perfect.

A Buddhist proverb states: "Everything is perfect with much room for improvement."

Another common phrase "Don't mess with Perfect" hints at the inherent 'perfection' present in any situation. 

We often hear that things are as they should be, even if they seem hopeless sometimes. 

However, in yoga, the recognition of that perfection is not enough. A Yogi takes a proactive approach, and strives toward their peace of mind through multiple tools (meditation, acts of kindness, Bhakti surrendering of ego, Pratipaksha Bhavana, and many more).

As a yogi, you may accept everything as already perfect, but in addition, you would ask yourself: "What can I do now to make my mind more at peace, less agitated, and more focused?"

With such focused mind, you can be of greater service to others, instead of simply accepting things as they are. Sometimes, the Perfect has to be improved upon by making your mind more focused and at peace, and more useful to help those in need.

Before you must do something, before you step out the door, pick up your phone, or open your computer, please ask yourself: 
"Will this make my mind more peaceful, and more focused?"
And choose your actions accordingly. 

~ Yogi Mir

ps. if you have any questions, just ask Yogi Mir

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