Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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Do you really need to win?

Some battles are just not worth fighting.

Those little mundane altercations many people engage in are driven by our sense of individual self, the ego. 

The ego needs to win every argument. That's how it strengthens itself.   

In our core, however, there is no argument. Our Inner Self does not care if it wins. To the True Self, the concept of winning is absurd. The perspective of the Inner Self is that of Oneness. The ego sees all of us as separate. To the Self, we are all one and the same. How can there be an argument? 

But in the hectic course of the day, our mind 'forgets' this inner Oneness and the ego rules. 

Dale Carnegie once said: "The only way to win an argument is not to have one."

When faced with a conflict, it's good to ask ourselves: "Do I really need to win?"

~ Yogi Mir

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