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Greetings, Friends! 

I hope you are staying healthy and grounded in today's world. 

So many people are concerned about the future today. What's happening? What's the best thing to do? How is this going to end? 

Yogic wisdom may not have all the answers, but it certainly provides clear answers to timeless questions.

Allow me to philosophize for a bit. 

First, it helps to zoom out and get a broader perspective. A much much broader perspective. 
And that is: Who are we? and What is the purpose of life? 

In Vedanta (the philosophy of Yoga), each one of us is a manifestation of Brahman
Brahman is Consciousness in its purest form.
Cosmic Consciousness, or Universal Consciousness, it is also known by many names in different religions. 

Brahman is inexplicable, incomprehensible, untouchable by the mind = we cannot understand it, because our mind is too limited, too scattered, and too impure. 

Yoga masters say that we are Brahman. Each one of us. 
Brahman in Sanskrit means "that which expands.

As such, Brahman chooses to expand = to come into existence, or manifest, in an infinite variety of ways. It does so when it manifests as you.
You are unique and unlike any other human being, or any being for that matter, that has ever existed. 

But Brahman is a lot more than human beings. It is the world, the space, and all the universes that exist or have the potential to exist. It is this world with all of our cultures and our differences, our values and stories, our troubles and sufferings, and our current world situation. It is simply Brahman that has decided to manifest in this unique way. 

What would you do if you were God? 
You'd try this and that. Over lifetimes and eons. Try everything. Try every possible scenario of existence. With love and pain, peace and war, beauty and darkness. How about a global pandemic?
So what is the purpose of life? 
As far as Brahman is concerned, it is to expand, to burgeon, to spring forth, to manifest in as many ways as infinitely possible. 

As an individual human being, conscious of yourself as separate from others, you may have a different idea of your own purpose of life. Yet, your purpose is completely unique (even if you do not think so), and it is yours alone to manifest. Now, in this moment, in the midst of a global pandemic. There is no wrong action that you can possibly take. Whatever you choose to do in this moment in history is perfect because it is one way that has never been done, and that is precisely the point. 

Philosophy aside, I'll be teaching a workshop on "Yoga of Inner Fire: How to stimulate your immune system with Yogic Breathwork and Cleansing Practices."

The workshop will be on Thursday 12/17 from 6pm to 9pm (EST). It is on Zoom and it is run by Open Doors Yoga

Below is more information and a short writeup on how I got started with these practices.
Years ago during a Boston winter, I decided to test the effectiveness of some strange Yogic practices that claim to raise our body temperature at will, cleanse our blood, cells, and digestive system, and generally improve our health and immunity. 

I would go outside into our snowy backyard, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, and sit on a towel for 30 minutes, performing these exercises. I would do this every day, all winter. 

Within a few days, I was able to sit comfortably outside even if it was 5F degrees, with blasting wind, or sleeting rain.  

That winter, I never got sick. I felt invigorated and warm inside and out. 

These practices are generally known as Surya Kriya, or the Yoga of Inner Fire. Surya means "the Sun" so the practice is usually done in the morning in greeting the rising Sun. Kriya is a cleansing practice - cleansing of the body or the mind, or both. 

This practice has become my morning routine many years ago. In this workshop I'll share exactly what these practices are, and how to perform them safely and for maximum benefit. 
Slava's Weekly Yoga classes are on Zoom

Join Me on Wednesdays or Sundays!
Hope to see you soon.

Love and Light!

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