Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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Lines in the Sand

What is a border between two countries, or two houses, but a 'line in the sand'? 

Two young boys are playing on the beach, digging up holes in the sand, sifting through the sand for any seashell treasures. 

One boy draws a line on the sand and says that he will dig on the one side of the line and his friend on the other.

As they play on their separate sides, each boy looks over to see what the other boy has in their collection of shells. The grass is always greener on the other side. 

One boy spots a really pretty shell in his friend's collection, and asks if he can have it in exchange for three of his best looking shells. Isn't that much like a trade exchange between two countries?

Begrudgingly, the other boy agrees. He gives up his treasure but harbors some attachment to it. When his friend is not looking, he quickly crosses the line in the sand and 'steals' the shiny shell. Hiding it in the sand, he pretends like nothing happened. Isnt' that much like spying and stealing between two countries, businesses, or any other neighbors? 

However, the other boy notices that his prized possession is gone. He searches for it everywhere on his side of the line, very upset. And then, he suspects that the 'crime' may have taken place. He notices the foot prints in the sand, and questions his friend on the other side. 

His friend pretends that he knows nothing about it. But the footprints give him away. The boy calls his friend a thief and traitor and tries to cross over the line to search for his treasure. The 'thief' springs up into action and blocks his way, pushing his friend of five minutes past back into his territory. A war ensues. Isn't that much like a conflict between any two countries and neighbors? 

Neither of the boys really own their sand plots, or the tiny treasure. The ownership of land, or things, is just an illusion. 

is that not so in the adult world also? 

What is a border but a line in the sand? 

Who is the true owner of treasures but the Earth itself? 

We claim ownership of things that never belonged to us. 

From a yogi's perspective, the concept of worldly possessions is odd. You may 'take care' of a few things in your lifetime, but always keep in mind that you only borrow them from Mother Earth, and will return them to her when it's time. 

~ Yogi Mir

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