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Greetings, Friends! 

A yogic wisdom states that "life is not the days you have lived, but the days you remember." 

How do we make our days more memorable?
...By being present to the experience of each moment. 

We do not remeber the times we were trapped in our heads, thinking about the past or the future. 
We only remember the moments when we lived vividly, intensely, fully present. Only those moments have etched their marks in our memories. 

I have one of those moments coming up in about 10 days: the Boston Marathon. 

I'll be running it this time, finally. Come out and cheer if you are local to Boston!
I would love to see you on the course. My BIB number is #4630. 

This Sunday, October 3
12pm - 2:30pm
Prana Yoga, La Jolla, CA

Rejuvenation Breathwork
(ancient rejuvenation practices explained by modern science)
How to use the breath to rejuvenate the body, fire up immune system, and reduce stress

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(it's not too late!)

Other Benefits:
- reduction in anxiety, insomnia, stress, and panic attacks
- improved digestive function
- reduction in sleep apnea episodes and asthma
- anti-aging of internal organs, facial skin, and cranium

More information:

The YOGIC MIND course

October 16, 2021
9:30am - 4:30pm

Open Doors Yoga
Weymouth, MA
Short video from a recent workshop
What is the nature of Consciousness?
Where is the mind located?
What is the meaning of life?
These big questions will be explored together in this course. 

Register Here:

Love and Light!

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