Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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It's Great to be Grateful

A proven yogic method of being one with the Universe is to practice Gratitude. 

Saying "Thank you" fosters your own well-being, improves your mental outlook, and reduces stress.

Grateful people have more positive thoughts than negative ones. 

In his book "Authentic Happiness", Martin Seligman, Ph.D., asked a study group to "write a letter expressing thanks to someone who has been especially kind to them but who never received proper thanks. Deliver that letter, in person, and watch the person read it." This wasn't an easy assignment, but the payoff proved to be huge, including a boost to the feeling of Happiness, and a decrease in depressive symptoms, and most respondents were feeling the afterglow even a month later.

When to be grateful? 

First, in your closest relationships. When was the last time you thanked your partner for something simple they did for you. "Hey, thank you for making that delicious dinner." When was the last time you left them a thankful note: "Thanks for being such an amazing person."

Second, with your friends. "I'm glad we found the time to catch up over lunch. Thanks for coming." 

Third, at work, especially in stressful times. Be grateful to your colleagues and your bosses, even when the ego struggles with this idea. It sure is not easy, but your random acts of unexpected gratitude will make them pause and look at you in a different light. Which in turn will make you feel great. 

There are so many more ways to practice Gratitude. With your parents, kids, and even strangers on the street.

Try at least 5 'Thank you' messages per day in the next week, and experience the emotional alchemy in yourself and in others.  

~ Yogi Mir

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The attitude of Gratitude
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