Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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Some people run on Dunkin'

Yogis run on ... Thankin'.

Don't you feel good when a passerby gives you a friendly smile? 
When a driver waves you on to let you go first?
When you receive a Thank You card from a friend?

These small acts of kindness make you feel good. They make you want to do something kind in return. 

Share a gentle smile with strangers, be a patient driver, and reach out to old friends with kind words. 

It is as though you pass on the Feel Good Torch. Someone hands it to you with a smile, a kind deed, or a caring word. And now you feel that you need to pass it on to others.

Others will also feel that they need to pass it on. Thus, kindness continues to spread from person to person.   Imagine the whole world doing small acts of kindness all the time, passing the Feel Good Torch.

When you make another person feel good, even for just a brief moment, you pass on the 'Feel Good Torch' to them. Now it's their turn. 

A Yogi lives for that ripple effect, spreading Gratitude and Kindness. Knowing this simple secret to creating Kindness, a yogi is mindful of their every word, action, and even thought.

But really, it's that simple. Just keep on Thankin'. 

~ Yogi Mir

Mountaintop View
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September 23-30, 2013
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