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Greetings, Friends! 

I hope you are staying healthy and grounded in today's world. 

In this email: 
1. Meditation insight (A Parrot in a Loop);
2. Volunteers Needed for Functional Medicine Health Coaching (FREE 2 sessions - see below);
3. Rejuvenation Breathwork - Upcoming workshops on anti-aging breath techniques. 

A Parrot in a Loop (a meditative insight)

The mind is like a parrot – it repeats what it hears.

Repetition is how we learn. It is how we build the neuropathways of skills and habits.  

Our mind is also very loopy. Think about your day. We follow a lot of routines. Our thought patterns are extremely similar day to day, thinking the same thoughts over and over, repeating the same words and phrases over and over.

“What needs to be done today?” - This is a phrase we say to ourselves daily.
“I like this, I don’t like that. This is nice/great/cool. This is OK/terrible/boring.”
And on and on. Same words, same phrases, all day.

When you hear a word out of the ordinary, like “heliotrope” or “permutation” or “ambrosia”, it jumps out because it is not part of your everyday speech. Those 'new' words we tend to notice, and … guess what else… repeat, of course. “Heliotrope… heliotrope… I like it … I don’t like.” And on and on. That’s how we put those interesting words into the loop.

The mind is “a parrot in a loop.”

This basically means two main things:

  1. The mind can be subtly conditioned or trained, enticed by “interesting words”, and thereby duped. This in turn means that we should not take our mind’s chatter seriously. It’s a parrot after all. 
  2. It’s not original. Originality is a rare quality for the mind. In fact, original ideas usually arise when we get our minds to stop – when we get out of the loop.
And, all this talk about duping the mind reminds me of one of Mark Twain's famous phrases:
"It is easier to fool a man than to convince him that he's been fooled." 
Ain't that true in today's world?
I need a few volunteers to be my "clients" for my on-going program in Functional Medicine Health Coaching. 

I am loving the program. It's based on Positive Psychology, Character Strengths, and Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine (popularized by Drs. Mark Hyman and Jeffrey Bland) is a root-cause approach to medicine where food and lifestyle play the most important role in determining our health.

To practice for my class, I would love to work with you for free. It does not involve any diagnosing or prescribing. Only an open-minded conversation about your lifestyle habits, diet, exercise, or any changes you may wish to make. I will be your ally in the process. It will involve TWO 30-Minute Sessions (on Zoom). 

Please email me back if you are interested. 
3. Rejuvenation Breathwork
Over the last year, I've been putting together a system of breathing exercises I call Rejuvenation Breathwork. Yogic Pranayamas combined with clinical breathing techniques from the Buteyko Method.  

The Focus of this Practice and Benefits:
- reduction in anxiety, insomnia, stress, and panic attacks
- improved digestive function
- reduction in sleep apnea episodes and asthma
- anti-aging of internal organs, facial skin, and cranium

More information:

Upcoming Workshops on
Rejuvenation Breathwork
San Diego - July, 25 - Sunday - 1-4pm (In Person and On Zoom) --- Register at Namaste Fitness

Boston - August, 28 - Saturday - 1-3:30pm --- Register at Open Doors Yoga

Hope to see you soon.

Love and Light!

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Rejuvenation Breathwork - Foundations of Healing with Breath
July, 25 - Sunday - 1-4pm (In Person and On Zoom) --- Register at Namaste Fitness

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August, 28 - Saturday - 1-3:30pm --- Register at Open Doors Yoga

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