Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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What's right with this picture?

As a society, most of us are trained to pick out the flaws in every situation. From a young age, we are given cartoon puzzles that ask "What's wrong with this picture?" and we have to find the differences between two almost-identical images. 

Those are important exercises for critical thinking, but taken to an extreme, one's mind can only see 'the wrong' in everything.

As a follow up exercise, and to maintain peace of mind, one needs to practice seeing the Right in every situation.  

Below is an exercise that will train your mind to be content and see the good in everything.

if you are reading this in the morning, ask yourself these questions and look for the answers during the day. if you are reading this at the end of your day, think about the day and try to answer these questions. 

Pause right now. Take a breath. And ask yourself

"Have i seen any Kindness today? (be specific: who, when, and where)
"Have I seen a smile? or heard any laughter? 
"Have I noticed any expression of Joy? Perhaps in a child, or their parent. Or in a dog happily running through a lawn.
"Have I witnessed any sign of Gratitude? Maybe from a colleague, or a friend, or a total stranger on the street."

Make this a practice.

Once a day, either in the morning when you can remind yourself to notice all the Rights in every situation, or at night, to ask yourself these questions.

Kindness, Joy, Love, and Gratitude. Pay attention to them every day, and you will personify these qualities.    

~ Yogi Mir

ps. if you have any questions, just ask Yogi Mir

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