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Greetings, Friends! 

When you stretch or exercise, or take a yoga class, do you ever wonder if it's the right thing for your body?

Do all muscles need to be stretched? 
When muscles feel tight, should we stretch them? 
I am talking about such common tension areas like the Glutes, Piriformis, back muscles, Hamstrings, neck and shoulder muscles. 

My answer may surprise you. 

I'll be teaching a Yoga Therapy workshop (open to all) next Monday, June 22, at 6:30pm Eastern (3:30pm Pacific), where I will address all these questions. 

We will discuss (and practice together) what and how to stretch correctly so you are not causing more pain and tissue damage. I'll talk about what I call the "Yoga Butt Syndrome" and the "Achy Hip Syndrome," Rotator Cuff injuries, Spinal mobilization, and a few other physiological concepts. 

This will be a 90-min Yoga workshop that will be recorded on Zoom and later available for participants for reference. 

Info/Registration on Open Doors Yoga

a short sample of a yoga class with Slava
Hope to see you soon.

Love and Light!

Slava Surya Kolpakov


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