Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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Why kill two birds with one stone, when you can feed two birds with one seed?

Non-violence is a foundational principle of Yoga. Yoga teaches us to examine our actions, words, and even thoughts. 

Non-violent attitude is the foundation for inner peace. if you would like to maintain your peace of mind in any situation, practicing Ahimsa (Sanskrit for non-violence) is essential. 

Non-violence is simply a habit. As with any habit, it can be developed and ingrained deeply into your nature. For that, conscious daily awareness is necessary.

Take a moment in the morning each day to pause for a minute and mentally instruct yourself to be more mindful of your language, thoughts, and actions. Likewise, take another minute at the end of each day, to pause and examine your day and extract any lessons from it. 

~ Yogi Mir

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