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Greetings, Friends! 

I hope you are staying healthy and optimistic in today's world. Here's a story from my book of stories that may brighten your outlook.  

There once was a farmer who owned a horse and had one son. One day, his horse ran away. The neighbors came to express their concern: "Oh, that's too bad. How are you going to work the fields now?" 
The farmer replied: "Good thing, bad thing, who knows?"
In a few days, his horse came back and brought another horse with her. Now, the neighbors were glad: "Oh, how lucky! Now you can do twice as much work as before!" 
The farmer replied: "Good thing, bad thing, who knows?" 
The next day, the farmer's son fell off the new horse and broke his leg. The neighbors came again: "Now that he is incapacitated, he cannot help you around. That's too bad." 
The farmer replied: "Good thing, bad thing, who knows?" 
Soon, the news came that a war broke out, and all the young men in the country were required to join the army. The villagers were sad because they knew that many of their young men would not return. The farmer's son, however, could not be drafted because of his broken leg. His neighbors were envious: "How lucky! You get to keep your only son." 
The farmer replied: "Good thing, bad thing, who knows?" 

The story illustrates ancient wisdom to reserve judgement, practice non-attachment to outcomes, and remain in the present moment to avoid stress and worry. 
Recently, I came across an old video from East West Massage. This video used to live on our website, but after I sold East West in 2018, the website was taken down. It made me reminisce about my Boston times of practicing Thai Massage in Newton and Cambridge and meeting so many amazing people on the East Coast. Here is that video below. 

Over the last few months, I've been teaching full time at the International College of Holistic Studies in San Diego. And since all classes are on Zoom, I've designed a new course for them that works really well in a virtual setting. 

The course is "Complementary Medicine Methods for All Common Chronic Illnesses," which is an in-depth exploration of clinically proven methods of complementary and alternative medicine. Some of these methods are ancient like Yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine, while others are new like electro-medicine, neurofeeback, and HeartMath. We tackle such conditions as stress, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. My students have found this course to be deeply educational, eye-opening, mind-blowing, and, in some cases, life-transforming.  

I would love to bring this course to a wider audience, and I am looking to connect with other schools and universities around the country. If you know of a school, or a college, that would be interested, please let me know. I would love and appreciate that connection. Currently, I am looking to bring this course to UCSD Extension. 

Here is a snippet from an interview about Consciousness (which is a significant part of this course). 
Finally, My Regular Weekly Yoga classes are still on Zoom

Join Me on Wednesdays or Sundays!
Hope to see you soon.

Love and Light!

Slava Surya Kolpakov


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