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A battle between our conscious mind and our subconsciousness. 
Which one has more wisdom?

Our brain contains 100 trillion neural connections. 
This number is incomprehensible to the mind. We have a hard time remembering 10 things in a row, let alone 100 trillion. 
However, our mind (our conscious everyday mind) contradicts the brain all the time, assuming it knows better. 

According to brain researchers, our subconsciousness can make a "snap judgment" decision on a person or a situation that is often more accurate than lengthy conscious analysis of the same person or situation. Our snap judgments are often extremely accurate even though we cannot consciously explain how we arrive at the right decision. You know how you can walk into a convenience store and have a sense of discomfort (without any conscious rational explanation) only to learn later than the store was robbed right after you left. The subconscious brain collects and analyzes a massive amount of information beyond the conscious awareness. 

Lesson: trust the sixth sense - the subconsciousness. It's coming from an infinitely-wise source. 

Your body has on average 50-70 trillion cells. Each one of these cells contains more genetic information that your conscious mind is able to hold. These cells work together, mostly in harmony, and contain deep knowledge that is inaccessible to your conscious mind. We don't have to know how to digest our food, how to beat our heart, or circtulate our blood, or grow hair, or even how to be conscious. We never learned how to do it consciously. But we just do it. Effortlessly. Our cells contain the infinite intelligence. 

If you wake up in the morning and your back feels tight. Do you stretch it? 

Most of you will say "yes." 
However, the right question may be, "why does my infinitely-wise subconsciousness has tightened these muscles?"
Often, the tension is there to protect you - to support and protect a coming injury, or weakness. 
Instead, we do not listen to that voice of wisdom and stretch. Because the mind decided that stretching is the solution to every problem. 
I am not saying that stretching is generally bad. But when your body is tightening the area, maybe allow that tension to occur without messing with it.  In other words, trust your body more and trust the sixth sense of the subconsciousness to guide you. 

These examples underlie the basic conflict between our conscious mind and our deeper subconscious brain. 
Love and Light!

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