Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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"Maintain selfish Peace, 
by doing selfless action."

In yoga, we talk about being selfless in our actions, about helping others. What's the real purpose of that?

It is to find Inner Peace.

Your goal is to maintain your Inner Peace, not serve others. Yet, we go out into the world, and get involved with other people to test whether we have attained Peace or not.

Other people will bring out your true colors.

It's easy to hide on some remote retreat surrounded by loving yogis and feel Peace. It's not so easy to drive through rush hour traffic to get late to work in the morning, only to find a pile of papers on your desk and your boss's expectations looming over you. If you can maintain your Inner Peace in any situation, you've become a real Yogi. 

Set a good example to others. Make others feel good around you. Smile, be supportive, help out when needed, go the extra mile. Let people start seeing you that way. Then you become that way.

Pause for Peace!

~ Yogi Mir

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