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Greetings, Friends! 

I hope you are staying healthy and grounded in today's world. 

Conflicting streams of information come to us all day every day.
There are so many agendas acting upon our choices. 
Whom do you trust? 
How do we know what is truth, and what is "fake news?"
In today's world, any scientific study can be paid-for and slanted in anyone's favor. 

The issue here is not with trying to sort out all the information. That is quite impossible. 
The mind gets overwhelmed. 
The mind gets easily conditioned and swayed this way or that way. 
If the information is filtered through the mind, there is no way of knowing the truth. As we say in yoga, the mind gets "scattered, distorted, and confused." 

However, there is a way to know the truth.
We have a build-in truth censor or sensor. An inner guide. A teacher of the Truth.  
It is called the Heart.
I don't mean the physical beating heart, although that is also a powerful electomagentic force. I mean the Heart Center, the inner knower that by-passes the mind. 

When you connect to your Heart Center, the truth is experienced directly as a "it-just-feels-right" kind of feeling.
Anything that doesn't have integrity or wholeness is experienced as a "hole" or a "drain." 

How to connect to this Inner Knower - the Heart? 
Become present to the sensations in your heart. 
Breathe in and out from the area of your heart. 
Bring your mental energy (thinking, analizing, critisizing) down from your head to your heart. Imagine the busy buzzing energy of the mind flowing like streams down toward the heart. 
Bring your inner gaze to the area of your heart. 
Knowing the Truth is not a mental thing.
It just feels right. 

Join me for this 2-hour program on "Stress Management and Mental Resilience with Yoga, Breathwork, and Vedanta philosphy." 

Yoga has a ton of tools that help us deal with any challenge in life. We are going to dive deep into the practices that change our chemistry to be more resilent, and discuss the philosophical ideas behind these practices. 

This is a virtual program (on Zoom) taking place on Tuesday 1/26 from 6pm to 8pm (PST). The program is through California Institute for Human Science. $25/person. 
Next weekend, I'll be teaching a Thai Massage Level 1 in Weymouth, MA. 

Join us if you would like to learn this ancient style of healing. There are still a couple of spots left.
No experience is necessary, but masks will be required during the full weekend training. 

Register for Thai training with Open Doors Yoga Here. Or respond to this email. 
Slava's Weekly Yoga classes are on Zoom

Join Me on Wednesdays or Sundays!
Hope to see you soon.

Love and Light!

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