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(Rejuvenation Breathwork class - see below)
Greetings, Friends! 

Thank you for being a Light! For spreading kindness and positivity! For your courage and creativity, humility and wisdom, and for your unique contribution to our world!

I am teaching a 1-hour class on Rejuvenation Breathwork on December 7 (6pm PST) - Ancient anti-aging techniques explained by modern science. More information below. I would love to see you there - it's a webinar on Zoom!

But first, if you care to read it, here is another one of my rambles on the Nature of the Mind.

We may think we have control of our thoughts and our choices.
But where do our thoughts and choices come from?
From our culture - the news, the stories, teachers, preachers, and scientists.   
The choices are not yours. They come from those other sources. 

The only way to have freedom of choice and therefore free will is to step outside of all conditioning and programming that is not your own.

The mind works by repetition and memory. What you see and hear the most is what you remember and what you believe. Even if you do not believe something, after hearing it a few dozen times, it will start to resonate as "truth." Your subconscious mind will accept it. 

In other words, if you do not consciously choose what you see and hear, your mind is conditioned and programmed without your knowing. Advertising and political campaigns are built around this unsuspecting feature of our subconscious mind. 

One way or another, the mind runs on various programs and conditioned circuits.
In a sense, we operate like computer programs, running down familiar paths - neuropathways. 

If you wish to have free will, you must program your own mind on purpose. Otherwise, it will be done for you. 

To be kind, 
To show compassion, 
To hear something without criticism, 
To see someone without judgement, 
To be selfless in your actions, 
Is to practice the highest form of Yoga. 
Yet, this practice doesn't just happen. It must be deliberately chosen.

Every day, in the morning (ideally upon waking), whether it is part of your prayer or meditation, you can choose to program your mind to be more compassionate on this very day, to be less reactive and less judgemental, and to make an effort to do something selfless. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Tueday, December 7
6pm - 7pm (PST)

Zoom Class run by
California Institute of Human Science

Rejuvenation Breathwork
(ancient rejuvenation practices explained by modern science)
How to use the breath to rejuvenate the body, fire up immune system, and reduce stress
"This practice could well be the Fountain of Youth hidden within our body. Accessible to all, it is however the consistent practice that makes the difference in producing the anti-aging, rejuvenating, and health-promoting benefits." - Slava Kolpakov

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:
Click Here to Join
Note: This link should not be shared with others; it is unique to you.
Passcode: 865893

Other Benefits:
- reduction in anxiety, insomnia, stress, and panic attacks
- improved digestive function
- reduction in sleep apnea episodes and asthma
- anti-aging of internal organs, facial skin, and cranium

More information:

The Game of All Games (from the Nature of Consciousness talk)

Love and Light!

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