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Greetings, Friends! 
We are gathering for a breathwork and meditation class on February 20 in the mountains of Ramona, CA. 

2:00-4:30pm Demo, Practice, Discussion and Organic Vegan Treats by a local chef Jordan ( following the training. 

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The Inner Gaze

When yogis and meditation masters talk about "inner gaze," what does that really mean? 

No, it's not the 3rd Eye. 
Neither is it your mental awareness. 

When you decide to look at something, like your foot, you give it your visual attention - you look at it - with your eyes. 

Suppose I told you that your foot has a life of it own - it's alive, unpredictable, dynamic, and you must watch it carefully. 
After a concerned look at me, you would curiously examine your foot. You would watch it for a few long seconds: Does it really have a life of its own? 

This is visual attention. 
You can also be mentally aware of your foot without actually looking at it. 

When you combine your visual attention AND mental awareness, this is the kind of uninterrupted focus you would need to generate in meditation. 

But how can you look at your meditation object with your eyes closed? 
Suppose you repeat a mantra, or you meditate on your breath, how can you look at your mantra or at your breath?
Amazingly, you can! 
With your eyes closed, you can direct your eyes to your breath. 
Where does the breath flow? 
You can "watch it" in your nose, in your throat, the chest and the adbomen. 
The same goes with the mantra. 
Where in your body do you feel the mantra? Where does the silent mantra resonate?
Focus your inner gaze there.
Combine it with mental focus.

Love and Light!

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