Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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What Does a Yogi Have for Dinner?

Tapas, Nadi Suddhi, and Dhyana.

Jokes aside, dinner is the best meal to skip. Have a light and early supper so you can go to sleep without a heavy stomach trying to digest food all night.  

Tapas (in Sanskrit) means 'to burn' and implies any practice that disciplines the mind. The idea is to burn - to purify, much like raw ore has to burn to purify into gold.

It may 'burn' you to sit for meditation for 20 minutes every day for a month; or to avoid eating sugar for two weeks; or to say a kind word every day for one week to someone you had a fight with. These are all examples of Tapas. You can design as many Tapas practices as you want. But the key is to pick something doable for a set duration of time. If you do it, you'll gain further control over your mind.

Nadi Suddhi is the Alternate Nostril Breath performed to balance one's brain activity and prepare for meditation.

Dhyana is Sanskrit for Meditation. Dhyana means perfect concentration on one object, a thought, a feeling or sensation.

 So what does a yogi have for dinner?

~ Yogi Mir

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