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Greetings, Friends! 
You may have heard the expression "we are spiritual beings having a physical experience."

That may be so. But how do we experience ourselves as spiritual? 
Often, life is full of tragic surprises that take us away from bliss and inner peace. 

In my experience, the way to be in touch with your True Nature is to have a practice. 
In my mind, I think of this practice as "Touching Infinity." 

Do you have such a practice? Please share it here and I'll include it on my site to share with others. 

For me, it's in the morning. 
Even though we have access to this state of Pure Being/ Infinity at any moment, the morning time is special. In the early morning, the mind is usually quiet, not bogged down by the world's demands, or distracted by iPhones. 

Every day, to touch Infinity:
be present to your body, your breath, your environment - the sights and sounds of life. 
be still - as still as possible - slow down your heart rate, your breath rate, and hopefully your mental chatter.

When Infinity is in your life, your mind finds peace more easily, your heart is more open, and you are more likely to handle life's challenge and be of help to others. To be a helper is of the highest spiritual calling that is innate to all humans. 
As Mr Rogers has said "In any hopeless situation, look for the helpers and you will find hope." 
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April 9-10, 2022
Sat/Sun 12-6pm
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Love and Light!

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