Inspirations from a mountaintop in Siberia by Yogi Mir
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"Tummy time" is not just for babies.

Every parent knows that a baby needs to get some tummy time to develop sufficient strength in their back muscles and neck to be able to sit up and eventually stand up.

What about adults? Most people spend many hours a day in a seated position. Their backs never get to straighten up. Over time, back muscles weaken and lose their tone, and it becomes almost impossible to stand upright.

Yogi Mir has a solution: Tummy Time! There are multiple exercises in yoga that help tone your back muscles. But quite simply, you just need to get some "tummy time".

Lie down on your stomach and spend a few minutes there every day. You can prop yourself up on forearms. You can stretch your arms out like an airplane. You can rest your chin on your folded hands, and raise your legs up, straight or with the knees bent. You can simply explore different types of movements that activate your back muscles, and also feel good.

Take a look at these general exercises for muscle strength as well.
'Nuf said, "It's time for tummy time!"

~ Yogi Mir

Tummy Time
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