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August 2020 VODW Update

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The back and front cover of Our Journey: Standing Up For Our Rights

Our Journey: Standing Up For Our Rights
Book Launch

Our book is now ready and we will be announcing the launch so watch out for this!

Campaign Update

The long wait is over because our petition to reinstate the pre-2012 in public now live and people can sign. We need 10,000 signatories so that the government will respond to our petition. If we are not satisfied with the Government response then we will take this forward to get 100,000 signatures so we can demand a debate with the Government.

Help us support the rights of migrant domestic workers. We are workers!

Sign the Petition Here

Virtual Class Updates


For the past few weeks, we have been studying composition, grammar, reading, language acquisition and language development. We have been studying the history of other countries, especially the history of the Philippines. We also learned how we can relate to the situation we are facing right now with Covid-19. The tutors opened our eyes and minds because of what we know about history.

With great sadness, our tutor Rahul will be moving on from tutoring us to continue developing his career in other areas. We know that it's hard for him to stop teaching us, too, but we are so thankful for all the time he has put in. 

We are very grateful to Rahul's dedication in teaching us and sharing his skills but this is not a goodbye, this is not the end, it is only the beginning! We are looking forward to seeing him on his journey!

Message from Rahul: 

Hi everybody. Hope you are all doing ok. Just to say for anyone who wasn't there on Sunday: next class will be my last as I now have quite a demanding other job and also I finally got funding for my PhD -  so I'm gonna resume that on a part-time basis. So i don't have the capacity to teach on top of all this. I am gonna miss you all so much! This has been BY FAR the best teaching job I've ever had. Robin is an amazing teacher and has been wonderful to work with, and Marissa an inspiring, sensitive and amazing organiser, a joy to work with, and all of you who have worked together to make the organisation what it is, you have also built a community which I have been so lucky to be a part of. This is why teaching here has been the best - you all have created something powerful. I am blessed 😌

I will definitely visit from time to time.


Our tutor Roman's Message: "It's been such a privilege working with The Voice of Domestic Workers Team, especially at these challenging times. I always look forward to the Sunday session. It's 6 pm in Melbourne, Australia and it's winter over here, yet, it's such a joy, setting up my makeshift studio (in a garage). I'm truly grateful for how technology can connect everyone nowadays. The Zoom workshop has had its challenges, but throughout the Body, Mind & Wellness workshop, we sweat, we share stories and support each other through listening, dancing and even do affirmations to set up members for the week ahead.
Watch a sample of our Body, Mind and Wellness class! 

International Update

Our work is global, it is never easy considering the different time we have. However, being a member organisation to IDWF has kept us connected and updated. Here is the news about the panel virtual event about the "Employer Tied Visa System" which is also a big problem in the UK. Also, check out the IDWF update on Domestic Workers at the frontline globally.

Holiday Break

The VODW have been on a break from August 23 - September 6, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy!
Meeting with friends
Having fun and keeping cool in the backyard!

You Are My Sunshine

Watch the You Are My Sunshine video here!

Sarah's Journey in Haringey Welcome

Check out Sarah’s article to explain why domestic workers need support more than ever: Read here.

Wendy's Story

The Government has announced the easing of the lockdown to slowly normalise the economic situation in the UK. Sadly, I am still totally under lockdown until now. I am envious of fellow friends enjoying their summer at the park or in other places together with their friends and families. During this season, I’m just active on online classes in VODW and even though the UK Government allows people to go out, still, I can't go out to enjoy my day-off because my employer has gotten sick. That was awful because my employer’s family blamed me about what happened to my employer. Looking after the elderly is so hard even though I put my heart in and I take good care of him - still the family blames me. They never value my hard work even though I have been working for him for so many years. I have been working for almost 24 hours every day. Especially when he was discharged from the hospital, I needed to wake up every two hours to remove the urinary catheter bag every day and night. It's so sad because they never pay me extra for my job. So, I never enjoyed my summer but am still grateful for having VODW who gave us a chance to continue the virtual classes and counselling. I hope one day I can be free.
Covid-19 Hardship Fund Appeal 

The Hardship Fund Appeal that our management team has set-up has been a big help to our members who have been affected by Covid-19 is still accepting donations.
Donate to the Covid-19 Hardship Fund
Support from our Community
The Haringey Welcome Collective - Adversity Rhyme

Haringey Welcome is crowdfunding for VODW!

We have a few days remaining to reach the CROWDFUNDING goal of Haringey Welcome and we are still short with the target of £5,000. It is never too late to help us achieve thsi amazing goal!

Support the Haringey Welcome Crowdfunding Initiative
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