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November 2020 VODW Update

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Our Campaign Launch

Our campaign was launched on November 17th, with a Zoom discussion "Why a UK committed to ending slavery needs to return to the Pre-2012  Overseas Domestic Worker Visa", hosted by MP Jess Philips together with Unite the Union, Kalayaan, Anti-slavery International and Trades Union Congress (TUC). There were 115 attendees and over 155 registered through our Eventbrite event page. Our guests came nationwide and worldwide from Government officials, NGOs to individuals.

Discussions were very engaging with many comments and questions from the Zoom chat box discussion. 

Read some comments here:

Did you miss our Campaign Launch event?
Don't worry - you can watch it here.
‘’Why a UK committed to ending slavery needs to return to the Pre-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker Visa’’

Campaign Coverage

Our event was covered by May Bulman of the Independent: Click here to read.

Get Involved!
Pledge your support for Migrant Domestic Workers in TWO easy steps:

Head over to our website to pledge your support! Click here
FIRST: We have nearly 4,600 signatures - but we need 10,000! If you haven't yet, read and sign our petition HERE

SECOND: Write to your MP about this issue. On our website we've included a handy link to find your MP and an email template! HERE

Attach our Parliamentary Briefing "Why a UK committed to ending slavery needs to return to the pre-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker visa" to the letter to your MP or just read it HERE 

And for our Press Release about our call to reinstate the Pre-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker Visa, read it HERE

Doctors of the World

Watch this session here

Doctors of the World held a Health Awareness session for our members on November 15th. They explained that we don't need to be frightened when registering at health centres because everyone has a right to access healthcare regardless of our status. We are very happy to have this health awareness program because they educate us on how we contact a GP and how the NHS works. There were 36 attendees.

"It was really an engaging group which I don’t see more often in other groups, so we enjoyed the session!" - Dr. Yusuf Ciftci

Hands Up for Our Health Campaign We would like to invite everybody to support the campaign with Doctors of the World: this campaign is designed in a way that it is lead by people with lived experience of the immigration system or health exclusion, so we are inviting each coalition member to nominate their members who have direct experience of the immigration system or facing barriers accessing healthcare.

Meeting of The Voice of Domestic Workers Members

It is important that we meet with our members regularly to discuss issues that matter and affect them. In this meeting, we discussed who will be our speakers representative for the panel event. We also agreed to write letters to MPs. This meeting was held prior to the event to prepare for the launch of our campaign to reinstate our rights as workers.

Feedback from our members: 

“It was so good to see all my fellow domestic workers” - Wendy

“I am looking forward for the response of my MP” - Karen

“So glad to be part of this charity and hoping for a good result from the government” - Jenny 

“This charity saved me.” - Demie 

Class Updates

Body, Mind and Wellness

Freeing ourselves in a week stressed of hardworking is a big help for Domestic Workers. Every week in Body, Mind and Wellness we are sharing our problems, giving advice for those members struggling for a week. We always had a breathing exercise and dancing. For the past activities we made a boat called "Boat of Life" we wrote our feelings from the past, present and the future. Everyone needs to explain what we wrote to the boat. We also made weather that represents our life nowadays. Body, Mind and Wellness rehabilitate our emotional, mental and physical health.

WATCH and join us for our Body, Mind and Wellness Class!


We collaborate with the English for Action to continue to deliver our ESOL virtual class every Sunday. For the past few weeks, we studied a formula on how we are able to speak or write English with good grammar. We have learnt (Modal verb + have + past participle or the V3), (if + pronoun + had/hadn’t +V3) and (would + have +V3 ). We also studied English Comprehension. The tutor teaches us on how we understand and make a conclusion or a turning point of one story. They break us into how many groups for us to give samples and write our own sentences and when we went back to the class we discussed and shared it and we are the ones who graded on what we have done. We enjoy studying so that all of us are not bored and we get knowledge from everyone.

WATCH and join us for ESOL class!
Due to members' demand, we made two groups for I.T. The I.T Beginners which the members recently attended the class and need to study from the very beginning. First, they need to learn how to make a Google account because they need to use google docs and slides. Most of the Migrant Domestic Workers don’t know yet how to use the latest technology that is why it's hard for them to access and make an appointment online. With this, they will know now how important to be computer literate. The I.T Advance are in the learning process of making their own Website using We need to add Our Journey page on Wix so that we can transfer to that page the activities we made during the classes in I.T. and we can put our life here in the UK on that page.

Here is one example of the website created by Rose during the IT Class which is still ongoing.

Financial Coaching


Every Saturday before we started for well being and financial check-in. Our facilitator Miss Tanya always checks our weekly activities and evaluates our financial situation. For the last four weeks, we had an interesting and great topic. She taught us to make a plan or budget for the specific holidays for us not to borrow money especially if the money we will borrow has interest. She told us to set a hard limit in numbers, write down every possible expense, remember what is important and she said we need to include a contingency plan budget. We need to make sure that our extra expenses for the occasions will be used from contingency not to borrow money. If we have healthy finance no matter pandemic, emergency or storm come we are ready and can survive. What happened to our families back home is a huge impact to us here. The typhoon Ulysses destroyed our villagers, livelihood, houses and many died. Part of Financial Coaching, we learned that we don't need to put in one investment of our money. That process is "Diversification". Right now we are in the learning process of How to build a solid financial foundation.

Watch a sample of animated work we did in our Media and Communications group!

Media & Communication Workshop

On Media Communication training we believe that we are unlocking the ability and talents of the members in designing and editing. People are focusing right now through social media that is why our tutor teaches us on how our design is understandable by the reader. We also made a campaign banner for the launch of the campaign and the banner for every activity of VoDW. Every platform of social media has different sizes but there's not a problem because we can manage to resize it. We have different topics every week. Last week we learned how to do a simple video using KineMaster, Power Editor and iMovie applications.

 Here is some of our work in Media & Communication Training with Volunteer Ms Aimee:

International News on Domestic Workers

International News

We keep you updated on domestic workers around the world. IDWF has joined the Center for Women's Global Leadership (CWGL and the lead organization), WIEGO, StreetNet, HomeNet, etc. to launch this Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence. 

 The 16 Days Campaign starts from November 25, the  International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to December 10, the International Human Rights Day. 

This year, the Campaign focuses on Informal Women Workers, (e.g. domestic workers) calling for the ratification of ILO C190.

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted Migrant Domestic Workers. The second lockdown strikes again with many of us lost jobs and infected by the virus because the family we work for have covid19. Others are currently quarantine. More than ever we are grateful for your endless support.

A reminder: the Covid-19 Hardship Fund Appeal that our management team has set-up has been a big help to our members who have been affected by Covid-19 is still accepting donations.
Donate to the Covid-19 Hardship Fund
Community News

We also joined in solidarity on International Day of  Elimination of Violence against Women. Let’s not just eliminate it. Let’s End it!

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