Sheep Genetics Monthly Update

Nominations Open for 2014 Resource Flock

Nominating a sire for the 2014 joining is a fantastic opportunity for breedeers to receive an increased level of information about their animal while making a contribution to the ongoing research and development for our industry.
At present nominations can be taken from the following breeds:
White Suffolk
Poll Dorset
Border Leicester
To nominate a sire for the 2014 joining or to find out more about the resource flock please follow this link. 2014 Resource Flock.

Annual subscriber satisfaction survey

A reminder that your feedback through this survey is welcomed and encouraged. Please follow the below link to fill out our annual Subscriber Satisfaction Survey if you have not already. Thank You

Eating Quality RBVs available from INF sires

A list of terminal sires that have had progeny tested through the information Nucleus Flock for eating quality and carcase traits can now be viewed on our website.

Blood cards available for 12K genomic tests and parentage tests

To place an order or to find more information about the tests and how to participate please visit the following link.

Online Ordering and Information

Pedigree Wizard Instructional Videos and Help Sheets

A series of instructional videos and help sheets for users of Pedigree Wizard can now be found on our website under resources>software for managing data>Pedigree Wizard Help or by following the below link.

Pedigree Wizard Help

Data submission protocol

You would all be aware that Sheep Genetics has been trying to move towards having all data submitted via suitable software packages for a number of years. The per animal charges that are in place are costed around data being submitted in the correct electronic format, data that is not in the right format takes up much more of the database managers time and increases the risk of the wrong information being added to our database. Excel spreadsheets in particular can cause a range of problems with 16 digit IDs and errors with records being mixed up. This threatens the accuracy of your ASBVs.
For these reasons, and with strong recommendations being made by the SG Advisory Committee, Sheep Genetics will no longer be accepting data submitted on excel spreadsheets. Data will only be accepted from the approved software recording programs. There are several freeware programs and a number of commercially available programs that can be utilised, please see the Sheep Genetics web site if you need more details. There are also contact details for data managers who can help with data submission available on the web site.
If you are unable to comply with this, please contact the Sheep Genetics staff to discuss what assistance you may need as soon as possible.

Analysis Dates

  • 15th October
  • 1st November
  • 15th November


  • 21st October
  • 7th November
  • 21st November
Data needs to be submitted by 5pm AEST on the dates listed above to be included in the analysis. Please allow up to 2 weeks for data to be returned.