August 2016

Invitation: Breeding Focus 2016 - Improving Welfare

This workshop provides a unique event for breeders, industry representatives and researchers working in various livestock and aquaculture industries to discuss welfare of animals on farms. Speakers at the workshop will outline opportunities for genetic improvement of welfare in beef and dairy cattle, crocodiles, pigs and sheep.
The workshop will be held in Armidale at the Bowling Club and will start at 10:30am on the 6th of September 2016 and will finish with afternoon tea at around 3:00pm on the 7th of September 2016.
The program of the workshop and registration details are available online at

Sheep Genetics Investment

As previously advised the management agreement of Sheep Genetics between AWI and MLA is no longer in place and MLA will take on 100% of the responsibility for the management of Sheep Genetics. This will in no way impact the current SG delivery and operations.
If you did not receive the previous email notification of this and would like further details please reply to this email and we can resend. 

New default traits in MERINOSELECT

To date, animals in the MERINOSELECT analysis have been filtered for breed composition, with all animals that are lower than 0.87 (87%) being excluded from the website. As of the 19th of August the breed filter has been removed and all animals that have a public web listing within the MERINOSELECT analysis will be reported on the website. Breed percentage (BREED) is a trait now reported as a default trait on the MERINOSELECT website so that breeders can make their own assessment of whether an animal is suitable for use in their breeding program. All traits reported on the Sheep Genetics website can be filtered in searches by using the advanced search system. Yearling Fat is considered to be an important trait by many breeders and has also been added as default trait on the MERINOSELECT website.

Web listings for Animals and Contact Details

Recently we sent a letter to update your web listings for Animals and Contact details. We would like all breeders to complete this form and return as soon as possible to ensure that details are correctly displaying on the website. If you have not completed and returned the form you can download a copy off the website. If you do not complete the form and return, your animals and contact information will be removed from the website.

Matesel Training Course

The next round of Matesel training has been flagged for the 19th and 20th of September in Armidale. Due to interest received we have nominated a second course on the 21st and 22nd of September. Places have been offered for these, however there may be limited positions available so anyone is interested and you haven't registered your interest previously please email us to be included on the list.

Presentation of ASBVs and Indexes

With the recent changes and introduction of new indexes we would like to remind all clients to source the most relevant and up to date information for inclusion in catalogues and websites. ASBVs should be presented with an accuracy figure and should indicate which analysis date the figures are from.
Details on new trait ASBVs and Indexes can be found on the website on the following link.

ASBVs and Promotional material for sales and field days

Please remember if you are requiring ASBVs for sales or field days you should submit with at least one analysis in between when the figures are required. This ensures that there is plenty of time to process and make any corrections if needed. ASBVs are supplied within 10 business days of the analysis date, there are no guarantees for earlier delivery.

If you require any promotional material for displaying at sales or field days please click on the following link to complete the online order form. You can view a selection of the materials available by clicking here.
Please ensure that you have ordered in advance as we cannot guarantee that Australia post will deliver quickly.

Other events of interest

  • 7 September 2016 - Breeding Focus - Armidale NSW
  • 5-9 September 2016 - World Merino Insights - Adelaide SA. For more info visit the website
  • 16 September 2016 - Future Lamb Forum - Hamish Chandler will be talking about eating quality ASBVs. For more information please visit the following website

Upcoming Analysis Dates

Please note the following analysis dates for 2016, and ensure that data is submitted with at least one analysis before sales or field days. This allows time for any missing information to be included or corrections to be made.
Thursday 01/09/16
Thursday 15/09/16
Friday 30/09/16
Wednesday 07/09/16
Wednesday 21/09/16
All data needs to be submitted to or could be missed for inclusion in the analysis.

Reminder - Please update to our new address and contact details

Sheep Genetics
The Short Run, Building W41a
Contact Numbers:
Phone: 02 8055 1818
Fax: 02 8055 1850